Monday, December 05, 2005

My Sisters' Visit

This last week has been insanely busy but oh so enjoyable!!!

Thursday to Sunday I had my precious sisters Suzanne, Crystal and Mary down to visit. The days flew by way too fast! Dad was driving through Charlotte to head to Montgomery with Carter, to visit his father & brother and to pick up a boat he'd just bought. So he dropped the girls by on the way down, but spent Thursday night with us.

That evening after dinner we all (except Jonathan, who was working) headed to Jitterz for ice cream, wine or coffee! We talked until closing time (they blinked the lights out on us). Dad is seriously pursuing the RZIM 3 month Apologetics training in Oxford next year!!!!! It seems like such an incredible opportunity to be invited to, and exactly the kind of equipping God would have for him at this season of his life, given his talents, interests and opportunities to share Christ!

Breakfast the next morning consisted of scrambled eggs, brown sugar bacon, cream cheese braid, and selection of juices and coffee. They left at 8, as did Jonathan for school. I was suppose to finish Indexes for work, and then shop with the girls at Concord Mills, with enough time to head home and fix dinner for the McMahons!

Index Day had been Thursday. Usually I start about 5:30am, but that morning we slept in a bit and had an Air Force moving brief at 8:00 that lasted til 10:00. I had started the Indexes the night before, but by lunchtime I had a call from Dad saying a report had bad numbers on it... Sure enough, there was a bug we found. Someone was suppose to be researching a fix, but they misunderstood. I left for HomeMakers Group (the last one for me *sighs sadly*) with a good conscience that I couldn't do any more work until I got a fix. I brought my comp as well as forwarded all work calls. I got about 4 during the meeting! That's when we discovered the bug wasn't being tracked down (yikes). Fortunately, soon after we found a fix had already been uploaded. So what it left me with was Regression Testing plus finishing indexes.

That's the sad part. I didn't finish until noon on Friday! So by the time the girls and I headed out, it was like 1:30! They were all so sweet about it! We got Starbucks (Mary's treat for everyone, bless her generous heart!!!!!) Everyone got something at The Body Shop, so that made me happy. The time flew!!! When we got home at 6 we had 1 hour til the McMahons were here. Every girl had 2-3 things to do immediately, we worked together perfectly! We had such a lovely time, the boys stayed til 2! Taige makes great margaritas, btw! Go Taige!

Saturday we trekked over to SouthPark (the call of Sephora), then went to a Charlotte Symphony Orchestra "The Magic of Christmas" concert. Fun! Then to Cheddar's for dinner (who puts chili powder in Chicken Tortilla Soup??), and watched a movie with popcorn & hot cocoa. I love spending time with my sisters, all the conversations, jokes, giggles, and sharing. They are my best friends after my husband. And I admire each their Christian walks and separate personalities.

All in all, I'm sooooo happy they came! I hate that we didn't do this more.

Tonight, Jonathan's dad comes for dinner, the night and breakfast. That'll be fun! I'm fixing Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Herbs. I wish I could have lamb every week!!!

Working now, tomorrow is Jonathan's last day of school before exams, hooray! I can't believe we're so close! I've loved the school life, we've had so much time together. I can't imagine any other way, Jonathan gone for less than 8 hours a day, home for most every lunch, etc. What a precious 1 year 8 months we've been given!