Monday, July 24, 2006

SCUBA Certified!

This one's for Mrs. C..... That was after my last dive, after I was officially certified! We didn't really think to take pics while we had our gear on. In this pic Jonathan had surfaced about 5 minutes before I had, as he ran out of air faster. :)

When we got down to 60 feet it got COOOOLD! The lake was 82 degrees, but down there it felt like mid-60's! Jonathan said it may have been upper 60's. I was shivering (bad for a diver) and was a bit worried/scared about going further into that murky coldness! Other than that, SCUBA is a lot of fun and I'm excited about all my future dives!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Busy Friday.... Jonathan has a night flight, but he's home now! Gotta love that! 3 SCUBA dives tomorrow, 2 Sunday. I'm going to be exhausted! Exhausted, but certified. :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SCUBA and Life

So, ever since getting back from NC for the Independence Day celebration, life has seemed extremely busy. Even now I feel tired... or is it sleepy? After getting into a routine of getting up at 6ish every morning, I learned I loved that and had plenty of energy and time to get things done in the day, if I ordered my day. However, I also learned that I really do not like getting up in the 5's! It leaves me lethargic/tired in the morning and I don't know that I catch up. Does anyone feel like that? It's very consistent.
This past Saturday we went with 7 Air Force friends (2 couples, a 3 year old, and a single guy) to Canyon Lake on our boat. Everything turned out different than planned, but suffice it to say we ended up caught in a huge downpour with our just-finished-cooking charcoal brats being gathered together into cups (in the rain) and eaten out of paper towels in our respective cars as we soakingly drove back! We all laughed a lot about it and had a jolly ride home.
Right now I'm taking 2.5 hours of SCUBA diving classes M-Th each night for 2 weeks. We alternate between classroom time and pool time. Since I've dove once, I've been very familiar with what's been taught so far. I'll be excited to get NAUI certified and be able to go out diving with Jonathan whenever we desire. With this completed, I can look to my next goal: my pilot's license. It won't be here, but perhaps our next station. :) Imaigne, being able to trod on earth, swim under the sea, and fly in the air! God's creation is amazing to behold!
I'll be glad for Friday and the weekend, since I don't have much evening time with Jonathan at the present, because of my classes. Fortunately he has early mornings every day this week, meaning he gets home early afternoon!
BTW, to everyone who made time to see us while we were back, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It was an amazing blessing and so much fun! Your friendships and love toward us are a treasure!