Monday, January 09, 2006

Times Together

Lovely week thus far. Last week Jonathan had 3 whole days off. I loved it! He's still working on his M-44 project, but almost all done. It looks wonderful, I'll have to post pics when it's 100% done. He's also writing an article on it in Maximum Outdoors (a local hunting magazine). Cool, isn't it? I'm so proud of his accomplishments, and the diligence he puts into what he does.
We had a quick visit to Dallas last week. Saw the old Texas Book Depository, which has been turned into a museum to the assasination of Kennedy. When you take the time to go through it and actually see how it happened (it all looks just like it did in the pictures), it's rather amazing the lack of security back then.
Jonathan's in his high-security phase of training. He's learning about the offensive and defensive weapons our military has. All his studying and training goes on in a place called "The Vault." He has a special badge, must classify information he writes down, and is not allowed to bring anything in there save himself. When he comes home from school, he can tell me in general how the day went, but nothing in particular. Very interesting.
This weekend I'm making a birthday cake for some friends of ours 4 year old. They'll be in the shape and decorated like cowboy boots. If it looks good, I may post a pic.... :)
The weather's still a blessed 100 degrees here, and I still enjoy every minute!