Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finally an Update from TX

Well, believe it or not, I'm finally updating. Moving 1200+ miles away into an unfamiliar city has been quite The Adventure.
My first experience on a military base was one of awe: so this is how those who serve our country live and work. We lived in temporary housing for families for 3 weeks while we house hunted. Fro 3 weeks I did not have to clean (except dishes) and we frequently ate out, as there was minimal stuff which with to prepare meals. I got to see gruff old seargents and young airmen alike render salutes to Jonathan, with his 2nd Lientenant "butter bar" clearly showing. I got a thrill each time I witnessed this: here was a small example of the rank he had worked hard to attain. I am learning how to identify each rank, for it is an important sign of respect to use a person's title when addressing them. They have worked hard for it and it should be recognized. So when I enter the gate to go shopping at the Commissary (base grocery), I can say "Thank you, Airman" after showing my military ID. Although I have not had much personal interaction yet, I feel they are a close-knit group.
One reason we haven't met many people yet, or formed any sort of circle of friends, happens to be that Jonathan has not started his Navigator training. He orignially wasa slotted for a May 8th class, but, Praise the Lord, has been bumped up to March 5th. Each day the training jets fly over the house, and it's exhilirating to know that in short order, it will be Jonathan passing overhead!
We originally planned on buying a house, but ended up renting. The house was a newly-finished rental home. It's in a nice new neighborhood, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and a little larger than our old house 'most everywhere. Texans have a strange custom of combining the laundry room with the kitchen pantry, which makes for a small space (they put the water heater in my pantry too!). But Jonathan being so handy has bought and hung more shelving, so I'm happy. Jonathan can't stand to live amidst boxes, so before 10 days had elapsed, he had our home completely devoid of boxes and every single picture, towel rack, or shelving hung! I am blessed with an industrious husband who can work around any problem, who does not procrastinate, and who loves to bless me! :) Our home didn't come with a fridge, so after painstakingly researching it online and locally, we purchased a 25 cu ft LG (Life's Good, Jenn I know you love that brand!) French Door, Bottom Mount Freezer. I love it and hope/plan to never outgrow it!
We haven't found a church home yet, which is the fore-front of our prayer life right now. We've tried 3 in 4 weeks (visiting one twice), but have not decided that is home. We dearly want to find a body of Christ with which to worship and grow, especially in a small group setting. We continue the search, eager for what God must have in store!
Our evenings and weekends are filled with reading, setting-up house, exploring San Antonio and thereabouts, movie watching, and long talks with the family back home. We miss them and our friends a great, great deal! Every email and phone call have been utterly precious to me! Please don't stop!
San Antonio's second largest tourist attraction (behind the Alamo) is
The Riverwalk. The San Antonio River runs through the city, and because of flooding dangers in the 20's the river was going to be paved over. But some forward-thinking women formed a conservation society and proposed the canals and toursm industry that thrives today. It's uniquely beautiful and lots of fun!
I'll post some pictures here so there's an idea of what things are like.

Riverwalk Hotels

J&D - Night Riverwalk

Riverwalk Restaurants

Riverwalk Waterfall

Botanical Garden

Botnaical Garden - Cactus