Monday, March 13, 2006

March Update

Happy Monday, Happy March, and Happy Birthday to all the people I know with March Birthdays!

Much to tell! Jonathan has started classes! Academics officially start tomorrow. Wow. All the waiting and here it is. Kind-of scary, definitely exciting. I admit that I have been (graciously, and wonderfully) spoiled all my marriage (which is 2 months shy of a 2 years!). This is the first time I've experienced a husband consistently having to be gone 8 hours a day! Certainly Jonathan had his days in college where he'd have to be gone that much or more, but they were the exception. Most days we've had lunch together, and had the opportunity to take mid-day jaunts wherever we liked. Our life is about to become much more scheduled: shall I say we'll experience a more "normal" life? But that sounds boring, as this hardly will be! I'll get to hear him come home and tell me about flight simulations (people getting sick, yay!), jamming radars and missiles, and of course all his flights up! I might share some of the really cool stuff on here.

There are so many opportunities here for things to do, and new stuff to learn. Case in point: we are looking seriously at buying a boat for cruising around, fishing and exploring on weekends or holidays. So we both need to take a boating safety course, and I need to learn about reefs and charting and navigation. Then we've looked into my getting Padi certified for SCUBA diving. We also want me to get my Pilot's License!!!! That makes me get chills of amazement and fear! So, many things are vying for my time and money. But what opportunities! I love having a husband that is so talented, adventurous, and knowledgable! *sighs happily* I don't know anyone else like him (did I mention he's a sharpshooter(he has the excellent marksman ribbon to prove it)?!!!

As many of you know, we found a church! By God's grace, we settled in at CrossBridge Community Church, and were invited that night to a Life Group (i.e. small group). Don't disbelieve that God doesn't even direct things like who you sit by! People welcomed us warmly and we have appreciated the emphasis on being an active part of the Body of Christ, and being in fellowship/discipleship at a small group. They have a weekly 4-page booklet they publish before the following message on Sunday, so you can be prepared about what the pastor is going to preach. It also contains questions for the Life Group that night. No church is perfect, but we're grateful to be in a place to walk the lively life in Christ with others!

Other than that we got sunburned from a day at Corpus Christi, have sold some things we didn't care about on eBay, I finally made my vaunted homemade enchiladas and Jonathan raved, are enjoying our first visitor (Jonathan's dad), my Kitty Marie is wild and happy, and I love how inexpensive the Commissary is for groceries (and its coupon policy)!

We think often of our family and friends back home, and around the country. You are loved and your friendship is treasured. Keep the emails and calls coming, as I have tried to do!

The RiverWalk

Kitty Marie

Beautiful Flowers Jonathan brought me!

Jonathan & Denise on Valentine's

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