Monday, September 25, 2006


Tagged by Melissa. :) This is fun, my first time!
10 Simple Pleasures:
1. A cosy couch with a book, a throw, a cup of hot tea, and time to spare....

2. Spontaneous heart-to-heart talks with my dearest sisters.
3. A midday thunderstorm
4. Homemade maple-walnut scones with a latte
5. Watching my little nieces Katrina or Shiona sleeping (so precious!)
6. A steamy hot shower and a comfy robe after a day of long, hard, dirty work.
7. Curling up in front of the fireplace with Jonathan.
8. Lunch with Mom at Gingerbread House
9. Our traditional Stargate SG-1 night, complete with Delivery Pizza & Cherry Coke
10. Making & eating breakfast or dinner together with Jonathan.
11. Travel! :) (just had to add one more!)

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