Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pic Post

I try to keep a good mix between posts about what's happening, and picture posts. Lately, all I've really posted is pictures. I'm afraid today will be more of the same. We've had the most wonderful time here in NC with our families and dear friends! So enjoy the pics and know when I actually have time to sit and write about what's happening, I'll get around to that. They're from Crystal's visit to SA, Jonathan's graduation from nav school, and my visit to Charlotte last week. Love you all!

Crystal & I after an Air Force Christmas Party

Jonathan, Crystal, & me at the party

The beautiful RiverWalk with Christmas lights

Crystal & I on the Riverwalk

Jonathan & I after I pin his wings on - Finally an AirForce Aviator!

Joker Flight at Pre-Graduation Dinner - Newest Future Navs of the USAF

Lyric, Zoe, and Emma Freas - my favorite little girls in Charlotte!
We had such fun playing playdough, house, stories, and more!

Me with the Freas girls, before leaving. :(

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