Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well.... tomorrow we're headed out for an exciting whirwind visit around.

Frist, we'll drive to Charlotte and stay with the McMahons Thursday night! We haven't seen them since we moved, which seems like forever ago! We always have great food and fellowship so I'm really looking forward to that! Especially with Jennifer, aka Ryan's fiancee, now a part of the clan! We may hop over the next morning to see the Freas' while we wait for Christopher to get out of his last class... How come right before the Wilson boys head off to college 2 hours from home they get in serious relationships where all they want to do it get home on the weekend (yet they have no car)? *laughs* It's ironic, Jonathan and I did the same thing! Anyway...

Then we drive back to Milton! I get two lovely days with my family and everyone's suppose to be around. Not only that, but it won't be one of those super-busy weekends where J & I are one of about 10 people visiting. It's just us. How nice! Mary and I are intent on getting some good girl-coffee time! And I have a little present I think Suzanne will like (especially since it's from Starbucks). :)

Then, Sunday I head to Greensboro to fly to San Antonio! I'm super excited about that, although understandably cautiously optimistic. I'll be staying with my best friend there and when Jonathan flys in Wednesday so will he. We fly back to Atlanta Saturday.

Yep, I'm headed to San Antonio to WHMC. I've had my blood drawn and sent over to them (a fiasco in itself) and I'm good to go. The next protocol for them to attempt is combined drugs this time - Clomid and Gonal-F for those interested. Clomid is oral and Gonal-F is the nice sub-q injection I'll be doing. I'm nervously excited. Nervous since I've had little practice purposely stuck myself with a needle. To be precise, it's the injecting that I'm worried about (some say it stings), but not the needle insertion. Excited, because every step further along means perhaps a better chance this time. Now I understand the doctors and chance do not make the outcome what it is - it's ultimately in the hand of the Lord no matter what. What outwardly doesn't look like success will be if Christ has been cherished and faith (in His character and intentions) held onto.

Of course, there is always the overhanging risk of being canceled after all the time, effort, and finances spent on giving it a go. It's called overstimulating, and simply put they don't want someone ending up pregnant with "high order multiples" (i.e. more than twins), so if this risk looks real, you're canceled. Over and over the doctor has explained this to me as we've planned this ever since our December move. I always voiced understanding/compliance, but now with the money spent and plans in motion, the real possibility weighs on me. Again, a matter to rest in the Omnipotent Lord's hands. We walk through this trusting His leading.

So... I'll bring my computer and post updates from San Antonio, as I'm going to try to visit with my dear friends and not work too much. :) Can't wait to go to the RiverWalk again, too. Jonathan and I will do that one day.

See some of you soon!


Carolyn Honea said...

I assume you'll be too busy to stop by our place (I understand - though give me a call if you end up with extra time) but I hope you have a great trip! I'll be praying for the results!

Claudia said...

Really stinks we'll miss you, but I hope you have a good time back in TX!

meghann said...

it was good to see you girl! even though for a short time,,,,and with extra kiddis in tow! just wanted to let you know that you have been in my prayers every morning. thank you for letting us have such a inside peek at all of your blessings and struggles through this time. you are SUCH an example to me!