Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary, Seth & Karen!

Today marks 4 years that Seth & Karen have been married! It's amazing it's been that long, and yet it feels like 4 years isn't so long! I thought I'd do a quick picture recap of their lives together.

They met on June 16, 2001 at Jeremiah & Lisi Forshey's wedding. Seth was smitten immediately and came quickly into our lives. He formed a fast friendship with Stuart, honestly was Stuart's best friend. It was so cool. He got to know our family that year, and by summer '02 he'd asked Dad if he could court Karen. Karen had a committment to serve the Lord in singleness that wasn't up until Jan 03, so Seth waited and just got to know Karen. Alas the day arrived and they began courting. Seth was the first person to break into the Graydon family's togetherness, and at times we really had a hard time with this new addition to our family. We all made mistakes and had some hard times, but we grew together! Poor Seth... at the time the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was coming out on video, and we woefully referred to what was happening as "The Breaking of the Fellowship." Dad and Mom have done an excellent, tremendous job building family love, loyalty and deep friendships. It took time for some of us to grow enough to embrace a new part of the family - but we did, joyfully! (Let it be noted Suzanne set & still sets the prime example for us of welcoming each new person into the family.)

They became engaged on April 6th, 2003! Planning the first Graydon girl's wedding was SOOOOOOO fun! My beloved sister included us in everything! I was her Maid of Honor and got to make their wedding cake!!! Their reception was the prettiest I've ever been to. They moved into a home 10 miles away, so we saw them a wonderful lot that first year! Seth truly was one of the family and has an amazing sense of humor, is eager to talk of spiritual things and has a living active Walk, can fix just about anything, works swiftly and is always chipping in, no matter the job (he washes dishes almost as much as the girls do - go see, family dinners, Thanksgiving, you name it - he's there!). He is a true friend to many and has a compassionate heart.

Of course... 4 years of marriage has brought 2 beautiful little girls into their lives. These little girls are the light of everyone's lives! Karen is the most naturally joyful mother I've ever met and she serves Seth and the girls happily day in, day out. She makes time to talk to me weekly and loves those around her. Seth & Karen are perfect fits. So this is a Congratulations on their anniversary!!!!

Officially Courting!!! :)


8/23/03 Married!!!!!!!!!!!

6/6/04 Enter Katrina Joy Robinson!

5/20/06 Enter Shiona Joy Robinson!

Still very much in love!

One Big Happy Family!


Herb of Grace said...

I absolutely love it that they met at our wedding!! Wonder if any future happy couples met at theirs....

Jeanie said...

I love how you love your family!!