Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bum Genius Diapers

I was impressed how many of you were intrigued by the cloth diapering. Today is an entire week of using them, and let me tell you I love them so far! Here are some thoughts:

- Every time I put them on my baby I feel like I'm putting something kind to her little bum. Because the diapers have a "pocket" where the microfiber liner goes (to absorb), it wicks the moisture away pretty instantly. So the diaper part, that's touching her, feels dry to the touch (really)! That's pretty good for her skin!

- The colors! Seriously, it's fun putting a new color on her each time. I definitely have my favorites - Buttercup and Clementine (creamy yellow and sunshiney-orange)! And I find I don't like Ribbit much (dark green). Haha. But really, since when did diapering become a fun piece of fashion?

- She only leaked one time, the first day, because I put her in a diaper with a newborn liner (which is smaller) rather than the regular sized one. I did this at night too when she goes longer between changings. Since then, no leaks ever!

- You guys all wonder about the smell. Basically, there's two schools of dirty cloth diapering storage: wet pail and dry pail. With a wet pail you have a pail of water (covered, hopefully) where you store the dirty diapers until it's time to wash. To me, that's eww, because the water would only cause to propogate the smell, kinda like leaving an unflushed toilet. A dry pail, you store the diapers in until wash time. It's actually not a pail (what I have), it's a bag, that's zippered, waterproof, and washable. So when you go to wash the diapers, you throw the bag in too.
I smell nothing, but I've washed almost every day. I only bought 12 diapers (they are pricey), and she goes through about 8 a day. My sister is here, and I asked her honest opinion. Also, her 4-year old has an extremely acute nose and she will tell me if she smells anything bad (seriously, we spent an entire meal at Red Lobster with her talking on and on and almost crying because of the smell in the cloth of the booth seat - um, who ever noticed that?)! Nope, no one smells anything!)

And in case you'd like, here is Elyana posing with a few. They are velcro (with snaps to adjust the size as she gets bigger, she's on the smallest now). The diapers have a one-year warranty so if the velcro did wear out, BG will replace it or the diaper for free!


Karen said...

We love cloth diapes too! We've used Fuzzi Bunz on Marilyn since the day she arrived home from the hospital. Since then, we've only bought a total of 3 bags of disposables for long trips where we didn't have a washer.
Now that Benen is here, we have two kids in Fuzzi Bunz and that is a REAL savings. Not only are we partial to the environmental savings, but the financial savings is HUGE!!! I have other friends who have used Bum Genuis and really like them too. So glad you are using cloth. They are so easy. We going on 20 months using them and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to be able to watch how you care for Elyana so I can learn from your experiences. It's great being second to youngest. ;) Btw, how do you tell if the diaper fits her or not? To me, those diapers look too big, but I know they probably aren't if her legs fit snugly in the holes.