Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Word Recognition!

Just a little tidbit because I'm so excited about this!

So obviously you know that your child understands some words. At 9 months old, I've never been sure how much Elyana knows. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, she's understood the word "Nurse" for months!! And "no", for a long time. And "book" (or "bookie"). And "light" ("Where's the light? And she points!). But (as far as I can generally recall) beyond that, I have only been able to assume/guess at other words (I know she understands in other ways, like gestures. If I tell her to wave, and do it, she will too. If I show her my wrap/sling, she gets very happy and lunges toward me to be put in it. Etc.) Perhaps she understands "outside", "Dada", "music", because she seems to have recognition over half the time when I use those.

BUT... today we were playing her "Your Baby Can Read" DVD (the 2nd time she's ever seen it, actually), and when it got to "dog" she started excitedly bouncing up and down like she does and kind-of panting (can you tell she loves dogs?!). I was so thrilled. Then it got to "cat" and she did her now-typical fussing/upset/no-like noise she does when she sees a cat on a book or in person or when we "meow." Wow! And just to be sure, when those words came up again, same reaction! No reactions to any other words.

I know this is small, but it made me happy to know that she is grasping words I don't even realize! I talk to her a lot, and I know even moreso that's important.

Just a happy little tidbit from my day!


Herb of Grace said...

Yes! Kids are amazing! Doesn't it just give you a sense of awe to think what a short time ago, she was just an idea in the mind of God? And to go even further and think that for countless ages past, God PLANNED her out??? What a miracle!!

Susannah Forshey said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see any captured moments of, I mean. Are you getting it on tape? Looking back over all the video footage I got of Violet's life for Ben during the first deployment, I'm SOOO glad I have those to remember. They grow insanely fast, and every tiny stage of development is unimaginably precious. You will be glad of videos in just a few month, I know!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I'm with Your Baby Can Read. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. We try to read as many blogs as we can and follow progress and success stories of children using YBCR, however we don’t get to them all. That is why we have Facebook Page. I would like to invite you to join YourBabyCanRead Facebook Page to keep us posted on your daughter’s progress. You can also share your video by e-mailing to We ask you include your name and contact numbers, city, your child's name, age, how long they have been using YBCR, the number of words your child is reading and just share with us your unique story.

Catherine said...

Mom and I loved the video you posted on facebook of Elyana "pointing" to the light. She's so cute!!! ^_^

Emily said...

I am sooo buying YBCR. I figure that once you get the basics down you can incorporate new words using the same technique. I just bought HBO's Classical Baby series and have been meaning to blog about it. We love it over here- if you want to borrow it sometime let me know.