Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Audio-Bible - Yeah!

I found this awesome site where I can listen to the Bible being read! It's Alexander Scourby (which I really like) reading... Although I checked James and he doesn't do the little "[quiet voice]James a sevant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, [really loud voice] TO THE TWELVE TRIBES WHICH ARE SCATTERED ABROAD IN ISRAEL." Hehe, ok only like Karen & Stuart would get that....
I was gonna buy the CD's (prob'ly still will), but for now I can listen to the Bible at my desk! I love it!

P.S. hazardously & elspeth, do you guys remember Dad waking us up to this? Romans? Proverbs? Ah, brings back memories.... Bad ones too - Day of Thy Power, nothing got us up faster!!!! LOL!!!! And the ever-loved Bridge Over the River Kwai March. How can you wake up in a bad mood to that?!?!?


Elspeth said...

*rolls on the floor laughing* YES! I remember!! There was nothing else that would make me jump up faster and cut down my intercom. *grins*

thanks for postin that...btw, i CAN post cool url things on my thing, so im putting your thing on my thing

Anonymous said...

hi i do remember you both and it is so great to hear from you. yes the Lord has chosen to add to our family, we have a baby girl on the way that is due on June 25th. we are really excited. we are doing great, chase will be going to bible collage so the plans are for us to move to Indiana in January. them are the plans unless the Lord chooses to change them. it is a little scary moving to another state and leaving family and friends behind but we want what the Lord wants for us and we know he will provide and take care of us. i hope you and johnathan are doing great. we need to keep in touch. in Christ, evelyn