Monday, July 11, 2005

Back from the Beach!

Ok, after a perfectly lovely 5 days at the beach, we're home. I got a beautiful bronze while there and Jonathan and I had the most fabulous time with all his uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents! Brief highlights...

- Fourth of July fireworks & getting told we could only do sparklers by the police. :) The boys throwing firecrackers into the sound & having them go off underwater while the fish got angry!
-Crabbing at night with Benjamin, Micah, Wilson, Jonathan, Uncle Bob, Aunt Angela, and Matthew. Matthew and I named all the crabs we caught... There was Mr. Crabs, Mrs. Crabs, Crabby Baby, Moster Crab, Monster Truck Crab, Taylor Crab... oh lots more! Matthew made it so hilarous!
-Fishing off the pier with Matthew and Benjamin. Benjamin had shown Matthew how to cast. Very excitedly, Matthew kept casting & nearly getting us! Then, one cast his pole came with him!!!! Benjamin "rescued" it but we howled!!! Matthew also almost cast himself in!!
-Caramel Cake and Rich, Rich Triple Chocolate Brownies w/ Ice Cream!
-The cool Aquatic museum.

So we had a blast! I finished a cool book Jonathan had read (Sci-Fi, my 2nd one ever). After heading back we then watched Emma, Zoe and Lyric Friday & Saturday. We went to the park twice, went swimming, had TCBY, made strawberry chocolate chip waffles, made their Mom birthday cookies, and colored pictures. It was fun but 3 kids are a lot of work! :) After giving them back to their parents we met up w/Ryan at Jitters for a rich, fun-filled evening of fellowship, coffee & wine. I'll be so sad to ever leave the McMahons!!!!

This week has various fluid plans. A great joy will be getting back on Slim in 6 and Body for Life workouts! I didn't intend to take off for vacation, but i did. Why isn't my BFL book here yet???

To all back in Milton, we'll be back the weekend of the 23rd. Come visit!


Melfary said...


lucky lucky lucky *and is jealous*

write more ;)

Jen said...

Sounds like fun!! Looking forward to seeing you in Milton! Loveya!