Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Crazy Things We Did To Songs!

Ok, feel free to add stories, all my siblings.

Tchaikovsky's Russian Dance from Nutcracker Suite: Dance around in circles until we were so dizzy, but don't stop til the song ended!

Oh Happy Day (When Jesus Washed My Sins Away): Change lyrics to "washed my brains away..." and do little Earnet Goes to Africa hand/dance moves. :) (Yeah, crazy! Mary started it, I think!!!)

Marching to Zion: (start out really high, capitalization/bold means really HIGH) Come we that love the Lord, and LET our JOYS be KNOWN...... We're marching to Zion, Beautiful, Beautiful Zion, We're marching upward to ZIOOOON the beautiful city of God!

Count Your Blessings: (Has to be from HymnMakers): Play Tambourine crazily w/music!

Obrigado Brazil's Brasileirinho - I don't know, it's just an awesome tune to get nuts to!

Wieniawski's Polonaise Brilliant, Op 21 - AH!!!! How can you NOT get high on this piece? Karen and I could hardly stand how HAPPY it makes you!!!!!!!!!!! *shrieks as she listens to music* Ahem....

There's tons more, but my brain is alluding me currently. Mary, you must know?

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Melfary said...

oh dang...i'm trying to think of ones i can actually put up here


anywayz, what u have are good. ;) good memories!

oh, and brave sir robin!!