Friday, February 16, 2007

Life in GA!

First off, see Mary's post because it's such a sweet spontaneous post about how she feels about her sisters. Brought tears to my eyes, I miss her so badly!!! I'd love to write my thoughts about her soon.
We are settled in, with only 2 boxes left in the garage. The guest rooms aren't in order, because wee went from a 3 BR house to a 4 BR one, so there's no furniture for one room yet. That should be fixed by tomorrow, where we have trip to Atlanta planned to go to
IKEA and then to Fogo de Chao. Yes, Brazilian churrascaria, gaucho style! Our bedroom is finally almost done (painting, installing chair-rail, etc). I've been so blessed to have Jonathan around a ton to conqueur it all together!
Secondly, some of you know we were planning a 3 day weekend trip to Savannah. It's suppose to be a very historic and romantic town, similar to Charleston. We had chosen a luxurious B&B to stay at, although with trying to time it over the next few weekends, my choice of rooms (for our price) wasn't really available (but I could settle). However, last night we decided against it...... Instead....
We're going on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!!!! We are psyched!!! I love our life right now, so much of what we get to enjoy is the together-ness and honeymoon-like state! All the adventures we go on are such an opportunity. We have been blessed, I know! Traveling with my best friend is so grand!


Noah, Katie, Ethan, Emilie said...

Wow! That is awesome. Enjoy the Bahamas. I got your message on my blog. I see that Jonathan wants to meet up to go fishing with Noah. We'll have to check into that. It would be awesome to see you guys again!!


Claudia said...

So good to hear from you! I have to get better about keeping in touch now that we're in different states :-)

meghann said...

hey denise!!!!! it's so good to hear from you! i did not know you had a blog. now i can keep up with you and your hubby's adventures!

Jeanie said...

So glad you are on blogger again so I can leave comments :) It's wonderful you have moved closer...we seem to travel to Atlanta fairly often and will let you know when we do!
Love ya!

Jeanie said...
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