Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back from the Bahamas!

We're back from a lovely vacation!! We had such a terrific and memorable time, I've got a few pictures here from our time! It was definitely interesting doing a cruise, having never done one before (together). We are much more an off-the-beaten-path couple, preferring the road less traveled and splendid adventures instead being served and coddled. Of course this was extremely convenient, inexpensive, and close (so few days leave had to be taken). The travels we talk about and plan for sometime in the future - a Greece via Germany trip, a Grand Canyon hiking trip - these must wait for their proper times. So in the meantime we take wonderful little jaunts like this!

Our ship - the Elation

The stewards use towels to make animals to leave on your bed at night. I think this is an elephant.

Us on one of our many walks on deck! At night it was cool and black outside, we very often the only ones feeling that wind on our faces. Well worth it!

A windy shot of the happy Lovers

The 2nd night they have a Midnight Gala Buffet. Everyone dresses up in their finest and it looks fabulous! There are over 63 desserts, over 180 kinds of food - all gourmet!!! And something about doing something so fabulous at midnight makes it all the more fun!

Ther are ice sculptures all over too. There was one of the ship, as well as this dragon.

They made all sorts of fancy things with melons, but this was the best - a sailboat!

Here are the 60+ desserts - my favorite part, of course!!!

A shot of us at dinner the last night.

This was us after SCUBA. I can't wait to get the underwater pics developed!

That completes our fantastic cruise to the Bahamas. Underwater pics later. And a great bonus? The day we left, we sold our boat in Corpus Christi! A lovely touch to celebrate!


Noah, Katie, Ethan, & Emilie said...

I am so jealous. It looks like you had such a great time. Enjoy this special time with Jonathan. You are creating a lot of special memories!! ;0)


Jeanie said...

I'm so happy you all are getting so many trips in! How fun and what a blessing. Joe & I love looking back on all our special "traveling memories". We took a cruise two years ago and loved it, but it was kinda wierd being so pampered :)
Love ya,