Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy Times!

Just had a terrific weekend with Stuart and Haley visiting us! Although I never got any pictures! Was too busy having fun! We went to the Coke Museum in Atlanta and sampled 70 different drinks Coke makes, from all over ths world. It was fabulous!

I didn't post any pics from the two weekends previous of graduations. We had marvelous times and I'm so so very proud of both my brothers. Stuart, from graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 3 years with a bachelor's in Political Science. Carter, for graduating high school with incredible skills in writing (books!), medieval studies, expert in chain-mail making, dabbling photographer... I love my brothers so much and who they've turned out to be as men is exciting to see!

So without further adieu, from the 2nd weekend in May, Stuart's graduation weekend:

Stuart & Haley

Dad & Mom looking Charming!!!

Carter, Stuart, Noah - Lookin Good! Amazing how grown up they are!

After the graduation, we all had a blast chillin in the Courtyard. We played chase w/Katrina, ate my fab Molten Lava Cakes, and laughed a LOT. Oh and enjoyed a bottle of wine together!

And of course, pics would never be complete without adorable ones of the cutie-pie Robinson girls, my very own nieces! Here's Katrina lookin like a baby doll!
And here's little Shiona & Mommy.... she watches Aunt Crystal play piano and trys to play herself! May be a little child prodigy in the making!

I love this of Suzanne. A bunch of us "kids" took a mid-morning walk and got hot & sticky, but still had a blast. I think she was laughing at Jonathan "scaring" the girls with frogs. Well, Haley really was scared!

And now the 3rd weekend in May, Carter's Graduation weekend:

Dad & Mom, talking about Carter! 4 stinkin' minutes, boo! :( Still good though!

Jay & Carter - they do everything together! Even graduate. :)

PAYBACK!!!! First Carter's friends from Chicago threw him in the pool! Then, it was Stuart's turn! Notice how gleeful Jonathan is! Ryan McMahon - beware!!!

This was Stuart & Carter in the pool. I bet it was no warmer than 65 degrees! They took it well!

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