Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So, last night we'd finished my Ethiopian meal and were wondering "What should we do tonight?" What do you think we did? Went FLYING!!!! This was SO MUCH more enjoyable for me. I knew I'd be a bit scared/nervous from the last time, but as I anticipated it, it made it much easier. Plus Jonathan was very understanding and would gently tell me what we were doing. He purposely wanted to do some things we hadn't done before (like 45 degree turns, touch & go's, and letting me fly & do an easy 360 at a 30 degree turn). Anyway, I LOVED it! It was incredible! When he did the 45 degree turn, he warned me he had to not only pull the aircraft right (into the turn), but also up, as you lost altitude in a steep turn. He told me I'd have 2 G's of pressure on me. Let me tell you, you lose your stomach!!! It's like a fair ride! I desperately wanted to do it again, but at the same time that close on the heels of dinner & the queasiness in my stomach told me to wait. :) We flew over our house, so I've posted a pic below. Our house is in the exact middle.
That all said, I can't wait to go again! It being later in the day & hot, there was a fair amount of turbulence, so it'll be much nicer to go in the fall. I am excited about the pursuit of my license, however the ground school I was going to attend in Charlotte is at a time I can't go. So we'll have to see when I can do it now.
So after we got some ice cream we went home & Jonathan beat me in Madden on the Xbox 360... But it was CLOSE. He scored in the last 10 seconds & it was 38/45 (so his final touchdown made him win... all because I was in the lead and chose a stupid field goal instead of going for a touchdown). Anyway, it wasn't much fun to lose, but he IS fun to play!!!
And tonight, in just about 2 hours, Daddy comes in! He'll only be here until Thursday, he's coming to do indexes with me. But I'm SO GLAD!!! We'll have a good time tomorrow working together (we always do!) Hooray! I'm just sorry Mom couldn't come with him... :(
So now, the pics. Us in the airplane & then our house...

Right after we landed... we have our bulky headsets off

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Jeanie said...

As much as I don't like flying, it looks like you all had so much fun! What incredible adventures!