Monday, July 02, 2007

Jonathan is Wonderful! :)

So, where do you think we were this weekend???? How about THE BEACH!

Friday evening, Jonathan & I took a walk in the woods (how nice to live near woods!) after dinner. We were figuring how to spend our evening. Jonathan, the king of great ideas, blurts out, "Let's run home and get out our laptops, and see if we can find a hotel room at a Georgia beach for less than $$." Excitedly, we searched... And found a hotel on the beach-front at Jekyll Island, just 3 hours east of where we live. So we packed the car, went to bed, and headed out at 7 the next morning for THE BEACH. We both LOVE the beach. Have so much fun reading, flying kites, swimming, fishing, laughing, talking, walking, and exploring the islands. We were ready for some sun - hadn't been to the beach since our Destin trip the 1st week May (2 whole months! Spoiled, I know!).

We had the bestest weekend together, and drove back Sunday so joyously relaxed. Best friends on the adventure of our life! We are so in love and happy with this season between us! Next trip we'll visit another island, they're all quite different down there. A 3 hour trip is very doable for a weekend for us, so I'm hoping we can do this again maybe in August or late September. Of course, September is our big San Antonio trip, so maybe it won't work. But we always have loads of fun there, so I won't care!

Now tomorrow Jonathan will FLY us in a 4 passenger aircraft from Warner Robins, GA to Danville, VA. Should be a 3 hour flight. I have never flown with him yet, so I'm nervous and excited! And we get Crystal to fly back with us on Thursday, Lord willing, for a week's of fun here with me! Pray for safety when you think of us! Until I'm back with some pictures..... :)

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Jeanie said...

Your trip sounded so fun...I'm glad you are living life to the fullest! I can't wait to hear about your plane ride!!