Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I know it's been almost a month without a post, but I have not had much to say. We had a wonderful time visiting our families around Thanksgiving (always sad for it to end). My friend Rebecca & her 21 month old daughter came to visit me last week (yes, she had a free ticket & of all people came to see me). Couldn't have had a greater time with them. Jonathan & I got all our Christmas decor up, & it's gorgeous (only our 2nd Christmas we've actually been able to decorate for, what with moving the last two Decembers).

Other than that, nothing else new is going on. I've honestly been entirely too sad and discouraged to post anything, and in trying to watch what I say I will not here post how I am feeling. Yes, it was 7 weeks ago our baby died, but it still hurts immensely. Today I'd have been 14 weeks, and I don't have to count to know that, it's ingrained in my mind. We've been left with nothing to pursue until Jonathan's deployment is over, so it feels like 6 months of wasted time ahead. I try to believe it isn't, since it must be God-ordained. Perhaps if you don't understand, you can read musings on Lisi's or Molly's (who I don't know personally) or Ellen's blog entries, and know in different ways they all express places I've been (or maybe still am at).

I wish you all a wonderful, blessed, merry Christmas season!


JJandFive said...

I was about to begin nagging you for an update. This kind of heartache doesn't disappear overnight. I'm not surprised to hear you are still sad, Denise. What are you reading during this time? Sounds like you were doing a fabulous job filling your heart and mind with truth. Keep up the good work... God's grace is shining so brightly through you!
Much love and prayers,

Karen Dichsen said...

As always...you are still in our prayers and thoughts that peace and comfort will fill your heart!

We enjoy hearing from you on our blog. Thanks for commenting, and next time we're in W.R., it's you, me and a cozy coffeehouse!!