Tuesday, August 12, 2008

D-Day is Coming (Too) Soon...

Yep. We are down to about 2 weeks or less until Jonathan must deploy to the Middle East again. *sighs heavily* I am so dreading his being gone again. I look around the house when he's at work right now, and I just imagine not being able to look forward to his returning at night. I don't have to imagine, I just have to remember. It seems sad he just returned a little over 4 months ago. And yet, I have to be grateful for the reason he's leaving. He was originally set for leaving in December and returning in March. And now because we are looking forward to Lord-willing hopefully welcoming a child into our lives January 21st, we have had to switch his deployment. While I hate him going earlier, I have to give thanks for the reason. Grateful beyond words, and my heart overflows with thankfulness for the cause.

I do not have any really fun trips flying out to anywhere while he's gone. No Seattle. :( But I will visit my family for 3-4 weeks in September/October. My sister-in-law is getting married October 11th and I get the honor and priviledge of making her cake (we hope that date works, her fiancee is in Army basic training and we're all praying for time off to get married - Susi, remember how fun that was to plan around?)!!! So I'll need plenty of prep time at my parents' to get the cake pans, rent the stand, buy boxes and decorating tips and clear vanilla and all that extra fun stuff. An autumn wedding should be lovely!

I do get the pleasure of working on the nursey while Jonathan is gone. Jonathan's brothers were here for a weekend (fishing and beach time at Savannah!) and they helped him move my office stuff into the 2nd guest bedroom/hunting room. The old-office is the smallest room in our home (though plenty big), it's the closest to our bedroom, and located exactly where I want the nursery to be. Now the office is in the room with the bunk beds and Jonathan's hunting stuff. Our two guest rooms are in a separate nook of the house with a bathroom over there too, so when guests stay they really have complete privacy. Making the nursery on that side of the house just didn't make sense. We shall see how it works. We have decided on a Beatrix Potter-Peter Rabbit color-themed room for the baby if it's a boy. I really don't like themes, but the colors on the wall would be blue and some yellow, and then there would be a few pictures or figurines, but the bedding and curtains would not be themed, just complimentary colors. If it's a girl, I want pink and brown colors and a brocade bedding/accessories (Jonathan doesn't love it, but doesn't mind, I let him pick the shades of pink/brown). We'll see.

The doctors said they'd be happy to do the anatomy scan on August 22nd, right before Jonathan deploys. I'll be 18weeks 2days. They said they'd do it again at 20 weeks if they can't get the anatomy measurements done if it's a bit too early, but they're giving us a chance for Jonathan to be there if the gender can be determined. I'm so grateful for the chance!

We just got back from 9 gloriously relaxing and fun days in Florida in a cabin right on the beach (a private one too practically). We went fishing on a boat one day and that was great fun (I didn't get sick, yay). We spent probably 8 hours ON the beach every day. We cooked a lot together, ate out a few times, and Jonathan surprised me with breakfast in bed one morning! We were so unhurried and blissful, it was really perfect for our purposes. *sighs dreamily*

Lots more to say, but I need to keep this short and sweet. More later....


Herb of Grace said...

OOOOooooooo! The nursery!!!! I'm about to cry for joy over you getting to "do up" a nursery. *sniff, sniff*

You know, it's a nice tradition to use the old "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" wedding-thing for your nursery, too. Just thought I'd pass that on :)

meghann said...

almost half way now!!!! we need some belly pics by the way!

Carolyn Honea said...

I agree, we need belly pics! :)

The nursery sounds lovely. Having it close to your bedroom is really helpful, too.

I have friends who were able to tell the gender at 18 weeks (and others who couldn't) so I'll be praying it goes well for you!

Further Up & Further In said...

Hey, you!! Just wanted to let you know---Seattle is here for you if you want to come to Seattle! Ben leaves for WLC on Aug. 27,so....if you're up for flying, let's DO IT!

Karen said...

I'm so sorry you two (or three) will be apart again, but your right, it is for a far better reason---to be together for the birth of your beautiful first born! Planning the nursery will keep you busy too.

Glad you had a great time in FL and are feeling much better!

When you're ready, you need to pick out fabric for a wrap so you can practice before Baby Wilson comes! I can't wait to make one for you!

Our prayers are always with you!

The Blackburn Crew said...

Praying for tomorrow! Can't wait to see belly pictures and the nursery!!
Love Ya!