Monday, March 02, 2009

Good Stuff!

So, it's been a while since the last post. I've got some amazing news!

When Jonathan and I learned he might have to go a month early and stay deployed for 100 days, we asked our parents to pray we'd be spared. Then we learned he had to go, and honestly I was just going to accept it. My dad sent out an email to us basically saying, "It's not over yet, I'm not through praying." His attitude of faith encouraged me to keep praying too... I shared that with J and every day we'd have our quiet time together and pray that the Lord might spare us that length of separation, and be merciful. We acknowledged we might not understand why we should be separated that long, and we'd accept that as His will if He didn't change things...

Well, I really did not expect a change. But believe it or not, by a mix-up with J's rank, he does not have to go 100 days! He's back to the regular 70 day deployment!!! I am so amazed and humbled to say the least. He is still leaving in the end of this month, but we're back to the length we're used to. I have to say the Lord has been so very gracious in this answer to our request. If any of you prayed, even just for peace, thank you!!!

I've got some beautiful pictures from our time in Vegas. I took a good bit of pictures, since I really wanted to make those memories stay with us. We really had a wonderful time, and I am so grateful Elyana and I made the trip! So enjoy....

Us at a park/pond we found in Vegas... There were ducks, geese, and birds to feed. We had a mini-picnic and walked around, enjoying the breezy weather and sunset. This is the first and only time so far I've put Elyana in the wrap facing forward. Since she can't hold her head up for very long periods, it's not ideal for her, but it gives a way for her to see everything, and for Jonathan to see her, rather than when she's heart-to-heart with me, and she falls asleep easily and only I get to see that pretty face!

This was me taking Elyana on our daily Starbucks trips while our hotel room was cleaned. I'd go, get the fresh brewed coffee, and read a book while she slept on me. She really seemed to love those time in the wrap. See how content she looks? I think she loves the closeness with me!
Jonathan spent a lot of time playing with her and holding her in the hotel. She was so interactive with him. I love watching it! She will smile and coo and make cute little noises at him. When he catches her eye, she definitely recognizes him.

Another hotel moment... Cuddle time!

The Saturday Jonathan had off, so we went to Hoover Dam and got the tour. It was really a wonderful time! I had gone with my family in '04, but it was in August so it had been 100 degrees plus! This was very different, it was almost chilly! Carrying my baby in a wrap was so much easier than a stroller, I was loving using it (can you tell?)!

This was yesterday morning, as Jonathan & I bundled her up for a stroller ride in the trails in the woods. He got the mail, and here was a present for her! Look at that smile! (Susi, she's wearing your coat/bunting, it's perfect!)

This was tonight, when he got home from work. She now fits in Mary's outfit and looks a doll! She was recognizing Jonathan and going, "Aaaah." So adorable!


Herb of Grace said...

Aaaaa! I can hardly stand how cute she is!!

And sooo glad to hear you good news about the shortened deployment. What a blessing...

Lindsay said...

AWWWWHHHH! Hooray! Go God!!

Claudia said...

what an awesome reminder of how good God is!

Love the pictures!!

Karen said...

I LOVE seeing all the photos of Elyana in the wrap! I have the same amount of fabric in my wraps, I usually have the "cummerbund" band (that you wrap around your waist first) on the outside. So when you cross the pieces on your back, pull those sections through the "cummerbund" and then cross them, wrap the rest around your waist . Put Elyana in the cross hold and then pull the cummberbund up and over her. It actually is really secure. Although, you may have already tried this one.

You know, I was just thinking of business cards. I think you saying something about it will make me get some together and then send them out with my wraps. Thanks :)

SO GLAD Jonathan will not be gone as long! An answer to prayer indeed!

Carolyn said...

That's awesome news!!!!

Elyana's coloring is beautiful, BTW. She must have gotten it from you!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how God is so faithful to answer prayer when we are persistent and have faith. He truly does love to give us the delights of our hearts! :) Love the pictures, btw! I can't wait to see you and Elyana again in May!!! <3