Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Teething Girlie!

Well, a LOT has happened since the last post. Elyana is growing by leaps and bounds. More on that later. But seriously, this teething thing deserves a post all in and of itself.

So remember how I said on her 6-month birthday, I saw the indentions of a tooth all ready to pop up? It was mainly reddish, but with the craggy outline of a baby tooth beneath. That was on a Sunday. By that Wednesday, the cute little white-cap was up! And it could have happened invisibly, had you only been observing our little Elly-bear. It was so cute. "Aww, the little toothie," we would gleefully exclaim. We never knew the enemy that lurked in the future...

Fast-forward to our beach trip with my family to Tybee Island. 7 glorious days. On this past Sunday, I notice the very same red, toothy-outlined area in her mouth, this time on the bottom left (the other was bottom right). By now her first tooth is a beautious thing to behold, making all her smiles that much cuter! So I was rather happy to see the appearance of another one. But literally, about 10 minutes later, DOOM set in. Without exaggeration, she was like another child! She cried, she fussed, and was upset! Then, by the time she got up from her first VERY short nap (45 minutes instead of her predictable 2 hours), she had a low-grade fever. Add in baby diarrhea (going #2 10-12 times a day instead of the 1 time). This tooth was a bad boy! All day she refused solids, nursed not very well, and needed lots of holding. When she's feeling bad like that, the best way to comfort her while awake is putting her in the wrap so she's near me by comfortable enough to rest. She only gets her paci at nap/night/car, but we let her have it all day, when she'd take it.

This continued all Sunday and Monday. The fever, even with tylenol, was still there occasionally. I was suppose to take her to get her 2nd round of vaccinations (pc and HIB), but called and we decided to get an appointment to see the dr instead. I just didn't want to be "assuming" it's teething and ignoring something else. It probably was just her tooth. The fever was never there Tuesday, but all the other symptoms were, except she'd gotten better at sleeping and nursing.

Today, Thursday, she is almost her normal self. Still rather fussy, but she takes her little pointer-finger and "feels" on her new tooth. It is adorable!

I'm misplaced my camera, so these are all a little grainy since they're from an iPhone.

Playing one day with "Pouf" - a gift from Uncle Carter

In Savannah, Jonathan took us on a boat and we motored downtown, ate, shopped, and walked. Elyana hated the life preserver, but loved the water.

Mom & Elyana downtown Savannah

Jonathan picked a morning-glory and stuck it behind her ear. What a cutie!

Her Daddy took her on her first carousel ride! Nummy, let's eat the pole!


Anne said...

Aww, I'm so sorry for Elyana! I'm glad she's doing better:) Aren't those little teeth the cutest! I love Kate's now that I am used to them. I hope you all had a fabulous trip even though Elyana had trouble!

Herb of Grace said...

*laughing at DOOM setting in*

Laughing with you, not at you ;)

(it's Lis, for some reason I can't comment with my profile today...)

meghann said...

oh denise she is tooooo cute! i hope you come in town soon-i would love to see her...ahem..i mean you:)

kiwicpk said...

our little boy cut most of his teeth on a standard metal teaspoon, we brought him every manor of theething things but the spoon was his choice of comfort.. :-)

S and H said...

Sorry about Elyana, but it looks like you all had a great time in Georgia! Sorry we couldn't be there!

Jeanie said...

Poor little girl. That sounds like a horribly painful tooth! I hope its popped up by now!

I hope your trip was still fun. We went to Savannah & Tybee Island 2 years ago and loved it there!

Carolyn said...

Poor Elyana! I'm glad she is feeling better now.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed it gave me much sympathy for what babies have to go through with all that teething pain. Ouch!