Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elyana - at 6 Months

Our little one isn't so little anymore! 6 Month doctor's visit stats:

Weight: 16 lb, 11.5 oz
Height: 26"
Head: 16 3/4
Chest: 16

So in the last 6 weeks (we did her 4 month one at 4 1/2 because I was out of town), she's put on 1lb 9oz (about 1/2 an ounce a day), grown 1 inch in height, and grown 1/2 inch in head, as well as chest. Her percentiles now are in the 76th for weight and 66th for height. Looks like the Graydon side may be catching up with her (all the girls are short), as she's no longer in the upper-top percentiles. But she's healthy! And that makes me happy. Funny how, I never am really convinced she's eating enough, but everywhere I go people tell me what a big/chubby baby she is. I take that as a great compliment and love her chubby cuteness!

Her first tooth appeared on the morning of her 6-month birthday! Well, more-like an abcess, but two days later, the little white-jagged crown of the tooth made its appearance. I have tried to take dozens of pictures of it, to no avail. All too bright (flash) or too blurry (without flash). Ideas? I should say I'm thrilled about the tooth, but honestly it's the first stage I'm a little sad about, as it means those toothless baby-grins will be gone in a little while. I LOVE those drooly smiles! But I want to be glad about every new phase. I just was in no hurry to lose it.

She loves oatmeal! That was her first cereal. She really enjoys eating time and is such a little angel. She laughs, plays, and eats without a fuss. I LOVE it so far! She gets a tablespoon of cereal 2-3 times a day. I am starting to mix in something with one of the "meals" (i.e. veggie or fruit). I mix it all with my milk, of course.

On a typical day, she nurses 5 times a day (7, 11, 3, 8, 12). 7am is her usual wake-up time, which suits me fine. 8:30 is her bedtime, and that works for us well. She does still wake up around midnight for a feeding to make it to 7. I adore our nighttime feedings. I lovelovelove them! I love the sleepy night-time nursing. I love how she's not distracted by anything else, has her eyes closed, and is just so content to be next to me, peacefully nursing and cuddling. I seriously have NO desire for her to sleep through the night and miss this special bonding time. *sighs dreamily*

She is such a happy baby!

We unswaddled her for good about a week ago. She was getting so strong, she was getting out of it and that was disturbing her sleep anyway. She is an active sleeper! She likes to roll, grab her feet, and sleep on her side at times. She seems to do well, except for this new talent: rolling onto her tummy. That, she cannot figure out how to get out of. Definitely happens every night, and usually during a day nap. I've tried to let her figure it out a little more during the day, but we're just not there yet. Until then, oh well. I don't mind helping my precious little one out!

She is so smart and doing everything she should at this age:
- she's been sitting unassisted for a month
- drinking from a sippy cup
- repeating some consonant-vowel sounds ("k" and "g" are her favorite although singing/happy-screaming are her real favorite way to vocalize)
- holding herself in a standing position (unassisted) for up to a minute with a toy/table. Tons longer if we're helping.
- she is understanding object permanance (will look for a person who leaves the room, will look for a toy I've dropped inside something even if she can't see it)
- transfer things from one hand to the other
- work to get out-of-reach toys (she loves sitting in her bumbo, dropping blocks, and working to get them back to her!)
- objects when we take something away (developmental, but not enjoyable)

That's it for now. This tooth is becoming more visible, so that'll be in the next batch of pictures.


Herb of Grace said...

Cutie pie! Can't wait to see some more pics :) And the real thing some day, too... I hope!

Carolyn Honea said...

Fun to hear an update on her! This is such a great age!

Anne said...

I was sad when Kate popped her first tooth too! I also love those drooly smiles and will remember them oh so fondly:) I love reading about Elyana and how healthy she is! Thanks for the way you treasure her so openly on your blog!

Sarah said...

Aww! I was really sad about Carter getting his first two teeth (got them at the same time) too! We missed his toothless grins...now he has like 16 teeth! haha

Anne said...

Oh! I forgot to ask how taking her out of the swaddle went? Did you "wean" her from it or go cold turkey?

Lindsey said...

What a happy healthy report!! COngrats! She is adorable!

Susannah Forshey said...

I had a dream about her the other night (again). Just holding her in the dream was pretty great, can't wait to hold her for REAL! Did I tell you Violet loves to see pictures of her, and she pretends she's "Baby Elyana" sometimes when she wants to be held and cuddled. "I'm tiny lil baby elee-ah-na" she says. :D

Karen said...

What a smart and healthy little girl you have!! She is 'right on' with her milestones...if not beyond :)
Benen River will be 6mos on the 9th! I'm hoping to have our blog going by then.

THANK YOU so much for the AWESOME Magnolia cookbook. I am beyond excited to start baking from it! You couldn't have picked a better cookbook :)
Thank you so much for your kindness. I will definitely blog out the yumminess that comes from it!