Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Elyana Ruth!!!

Our little girl is now One Year Old!!!

This year has been so amazing, and wonderful, and joy upon joy with her in our lives. I remember the years of pain, and the years of not knowing if I'd hold a baby of Jonathan and my making. I remember the ache as I looked at women around me carrying their babies, nursing them, comforting and loving them... I remember crying often for what my heart was aching for. I remember receiving prayer, words of comfort, words of faith, and many scriptures with God's character and purposes to me. And now, I look at my child, and my heart overflows with gratefulness. Her presence lights up my days and nights!

Her personality comes out each day. She loves outside, animals, books, music, dancing, her parents, and lots of little things I have forgotten! She gets a cute obsession about her passions... For example, for months it was dogs! Every single dog picture she took note of, every dog stuffed animal she wanted to hold, and every real dog got squeals of delight and endless chasing! This was from about September to January. Then toward the end of January it became all about birds! Oh the fun she has! We keep two feeders outside the kitchen and she can watch doves, goldfinches, purple finches, sparrows, and cardinals come eat. She can spot them in a tree and will point until we can acknowledge where it is! She says "buur" for bird and "Caaa" for cardinal (the red male ones she sees). Of course I think she's so smart!

Music she asks for every single morning. She can find the remote and often turn it on. She is over-the-top in love with Classical Baby The Dance Show. Mostly because it combines two of her favorite things: dancing with her momma or daddy, and music!!! If she finds the DVD, she will push it in our faces asking for us to put it on! So adorable! Besides Your Baby Can Read, it's the only DVD she's seen so far.

Over my December stay at my parents' house, she started reading books to herself! Now she will often just want to pick out books and go through them herself. It's a welcome growth, as it gives me a few minutes to do other things and I know she is choosing to entertain herself that way, and not just pining away unhappily while momma is busy! She still loves being read to, but her favorite books change almost every other week.

She loves watching me to Itsy Bitsy Spider. She'll try the motions a little. She will come in on the "oh-oh-oh-oh-oxen" part of the short vowel song. She can make a (muffled) "woof" for dog and "ur-ur-ur-ur-uh" for a chicken. She loves chickens/roosters currently. She seems to say a TON of words, we're just not sure how much she understands (she impersonates very well). Yesterday she said "Hannah" when she was swinging with her friend Hannah. Lots of times two of us hear her say something and we're shocked at how well she enunciates. But it's usually a one-time word, and we don't hear it again much.

She signs now!!! Her first one was (of course!) "More"! How proud I was! This was in early February. She will do a sloppy "All Done" and "Help" and "Banana" and "Toilet" that's about it. I've worked on "Nurse" and "Drink" a lot as well as not-so-faithfully: book, bedtime, please. I was just so happy she got "more" I felt like such a success!!! We call it her "magic word" because for a while she was so insistent at it that she figured if she used it enough, she'd get what she wanted!

She loves eating. She sees Daddy pour his cereal each morning and she goes to sit next to him and eat bites. So sweet! She isn't a picky eater, but she especially adores blueberries (almost as much as chocolate!), cheese (especially string), peas, borscht.

As you can tell, she's a delight and a handful and we wouldn't change life at all. There's a ton more to say, but mostly from a mothering perspective, so I'll leave that for later.

Now I'm going to just put pictures of each of her months in her first year of life!

Newborn.... the bliss!!!! Seriously!

1 Month Old.
Loved the Sleep-n-Play outfits! We lived for those little segments of time she was awake and interactive!

2 Months Old
Smiling regularly, Loves to be in momma's wrap, loves baths.

3 Months Old
Hates tummy time, loves paci and swaddling

4 Months Old
A delight. Travels 6 hrs in car ok. Schedule-lover. Naps great. Loves swimming. Loves books.

5 Months Old
Loves Daddy home! Sits up easily, has specific favorite books. Loves interaction. 

6 Months Old
First shots, stranger anxiety, loves this little car, loves her cousins.
....and first two teeth!!!

7 Months Old
Beach bunny! Hated that 2nd tooth, disrupted sleep for 10 days! Was cranky all the time for 5 weeks!!! Toilet trained.

8 Months Old
Still love the car, love swings, love sandboxes, grass, outsides. CRAWLS!

9 Months Old
Avid dog lover, outside lover, crawler.

10 Months Old
Cat for Halloween! Very attached to momma!!! Hates being separated.
...tries to eat leaves when we're not looking. (Very obedient!)

11 Months Old
Say bye to Daddy again... really develop an attachment to him. Adore books! All day long!
...and have my first Christmas!!! AND CAN WALK WELL NOW!!!

ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!


Lindsay said...

Yay!! Rejoicing with you on this precious milestone! She is adorable Denise:)

Karen D. said...

What a wonderful post! Not only have you been given the gift of Elyana, but the gift of grace, patience, and trust with your journey to have your precious little girl. Thank you for your example of faith and trust!
Elyana is just so beautiful!

Seth and Karen's blog said...


Thank you sooooo much for posting all those pictures! I was seriously developing withdrawal symptoms from my niece. I loved the year in recap with pictures - adorable! I remember being there for different stages - month 1, 4, 10, and 11, I think. All so precious! She sounds like a smart little thing too! I understand about the current little obsession things. All mine have done the same. Once they find something they like they can't get enough of it! And then all the sudden they will show absolute disinterest and go on to something new! Keeps things exciting!

Thanks again from an loving sister and an adoring aunt,

Karen :)

Anne said...

Aww, what a precious girl! It's just amazing (and a bit sad) how fast our little ones grow! You, Jonathan, and Elyana are such a dear family. I enjoyed the update:)

P.S. I'm so impressed with how early E walked!

kiwicpk said...

Great to see you post again...gosh she has grown into a lovely sweet little must be so proud.