Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Healthy Children's Snacks To-Go?

I'm not sure how you all manage when you're out-and-about, but I've found that an integral part of a successful shopping trip is having food for the baby! I try to always have some in my purse, as well as in the car. I like to keep it in the house for when we plan to go on long walks or play dates at parks. But I have found that for a 13 month old (and younger, I've been doing this for a while), she still can't just take a piece of fruit to munch on.... (Also, those don't store so well long-term in the purse.) So I have found I need easy snacks that are baby-friendly (8 front teeth, 2 molars)... BUT healthy! The healthy part really is difficult. There are plenty of kid snacks out there, but they've got sugar, HFCS, oils and unpronounceable processed stuff in them. No thanks!

So, here are some of my go-to's... Can you all please share what you have found that works? please think stuff that works in a purse/diaper bag so she can eat it in a grocery cart or stroller.... :)

Lara Bar - if I pick out the few large almonds (usually only 4-5 per bar), she just loves these. Totally raw.

Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit pouches - Discovered these at Starbucks. We adore the just-blended-taste! (Plum Organics also makes these, I just haven't found in a store them yet.)

Suzie's Thin Cakes Puffed Multigrain Cakes - likewise, she loves unsalted rice cakes. But boy do they make a mess in the car or in the carpet! :)

String cheese - Easy to get. Glad for protein.

So now.... weigh in with something you know of that is a healthy snack that a young toddler could eat on-the-go.


Angela Gunter said...

I usually take a snack trap cup with me full of cereal. It keeps them busy!

Susannah Forshey said...


Denise said...

Susi: we love them. she has them a lot! but they are so messy, they're aren't practical to carry around for her to eat...

Angela: oh yeah, I forgot. we have done cheerios in those snack-traps! she loves feeding herself. only works in the grocery, b/c she likes to just dump the whole thing out in the car. :0

Susannah Forshey said...

Huh. We haven't found blueberries messy...I guess Violet loved them to the extent that she would wolf them down, careful not to spill even one! They always worked as the perfect size for little fingers, and I love that they're fresh, raw, and full of antioxidants.

Herb of Grace said...

We LOVE the snack-trap cups. I tried to find a link to the one we use, but couldn't find it online. I'm pretty sure we bought it at Wally World, but it could have been Target. Those things opened up a whole new world of snack to me, since I was no longer worried about the mess all over the floor/car/my purse. I mean, his fingers get a bit messy, but a five second session with a wipey takes care of that. Some of his favs:

avacado chunks
cantalope chunks
peanuts, almonds, cashews (I suppose she's not old enough yet?)
corn nuts
Aunt Annie's organic Cheez-its
other dried fruit
ESPECIALLY banana chips :)
whole wheat pretzels
cucumber slices

If you haven't tried the snacks traps, you should. They are one of the best inventions of man. Seriously :)

Denise said...

LOL Lisi and Susi: Either your children were much cleaner eaters than mine is, or you've forgotten how messy a 13-month old is!

Blueberries, she loves to eat, as well as smash between her fingers...

Fruit chunks, she needs them pretty small. Small enough where she'd lose most of them on the floor or in her seat! Nuts, no she can't really chew them well yet.

we do have a snack trap, and it's great. Only Cheerios and Puffs don't work yet in them, since she just dumps it upside down! :)

I forgot, I do LOVE freeze-dried fruit. We do that a lot. Since t melts in your mouth, she's safe eating that.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Eileen said...

Hey Girl,
I keep meaning to respond.
Since Anna Cate is a few months older please excuse my memory on what works now that doesnt work for a 13 month old.

We do a lot of dried fruit, the mango is really soft, and I love the dried blueberries

Annies bunnies are good and don't seem to fall out of our snack cups as easily as Gorilla munch

I have a recipe for cheese crackers that are great and don't make too much of a mess

Trader Joes has a fruit bar for kids that is really soft and easy for kids to bite, and my kids love being independant

Back to Nature Graham Cracker sticks, good for little hands and for independant kiddos

And I make a little trail mix with little pretzels(I cannot remember the brand, Annies Crackers, and some kind of dried fruit. Sometime I drop in some choc chips to suprise them!

Excuse the spelling errors, I am trying to get three kiddos down for rest time and I am a little distracted!!

Love Ya

Herb of Grace said...

Oh man, I really wish I could find the link to our snack boxes. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING falls out of those babies. Judah shakes his upside down and his animal crackers still don't fall out...

And yes, it's true, my children are OCD about clean fingers, so... I confess :) Some of this might not work for normal children. Lol. Judah cries if his fingers get too sticky and I can't pull the car over to wipe them RIGHT NOW. It's riDICulous.

Susannah Forshey said...

Yeah, Violet has always had large (!) hands and very long, nimble fingers. I don't think she's EVER crushed a blueberry with them! LOL! She's always had a kind of reverence/passion for food. :) Blueberries and grapes have been our church food for a long time. She picks them up quite gingerly, and I don't remember ever cleaning up smashed ones off the floor, come to think of it! Oh, we also eat "Baby Bell" cheeses....I like the whole milk ones, since they contain more fat (good for baby) than the string cheese.

Karen D. said...

The BEST snack container: the munchie mug. http://www.munchiemug.com/
I purchased one for Marilyn when she was one. They are fantastic, phthalate and BPA free. Benen loves it too. I would go to no other!

We use some of the same snacks listed already, but some that were not named, snap pea crisps, soy joys not a super messy granola bar, LOVE LOVE the Yummy Earth organic lollipops (seriously the most delicious lollipops I have EVER tasted. Oh, I only give this to B when he is stationary like the shopping cart, high chair. Can be messy though if they drool a lot). I think banana chips were mentioned. I have also put frozen peas (tiny petite sweet peas) in the munchie mug right before leaving the house (whether on a walk or quick trip in the car) and Benen usually eats them so quickly they don't have time to melt. I don't put to many in though. I have even found myself keeping frozen peas in a stainless steel cup and transfer to munchie mug before walking into a grocery store. I would do blueberries the same way, but B only has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom, so I'm more worried about choking with how big they are.
Anyway, every child is different so I'm sure you'll find what works best for you and Elyana.