Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life in New Mexico On Base

Life here is so busy, so full, and really overall wonderful!

Our move was challenging, but really good! We'll know on the other side whether our stuff suffered too much, of course, but Part 1 went excellently. 3 (women) packers came at 11am on Thursday (I think they said they'd come at 9). We always get a man for the garage, so I was unhappy about that. Now, the thing is, you're committed to being around as long as they are. So with so few people, and such a late start, I knew it would be a long day. Just not so long as it turned out, which was after 11pm. As it turned out, Elyana got to sleep in her own crib, since the packers didn't disassemble it. The movers called Friday to tell us they weren't going to come until 2pm. As it turned out, it wasn't until after 7pm! There were 5 guys, working hard, but the house couldn't stay cool, so I couldn't put Elyana to bed until they were done (after 11pm). She and I went and visited three neighborhood friends, and she got just silly and wild with being overtired. It was so funny! She did finally sleep in her peapod. Over the next 4 days, we worked on getting the house cleaned, fixed up, and completely ready to rent. As it was, we got a renter that wanted to move in two days after we moved out! Utterly amazing and more than we could have asked for, or deserved. We took photos of the house Wednesday morning after getting it completely vacated, and after 3 1/2 years, it really looked brand new still!

Our Road Trip Out West consisted of 5 days of driving.

Day 1 - GA to New Orleans, LA - 8 1/2 hours without stops. Utterly perfect. Elyana slept like a champ, played wonderfully as well. We split the driving a little, gained an hour as well. Arrived before dinner into a fabulous hotel! Went out for amazing seafood at Red Fish Grill (Rum Flamed Shrimp!), then walked around NOLA, down to a park on the water. Jonathan bought me a beautiful carnival mask and Elyana a teddy bear she's in love with.

Day 2 - Elyana woke up at 4:30am ready to go! She wanted to see the ceramic blue cows in the lobby. So she and I went down to play and get a Starbucks breakfast together until Jonathan woke. I got my coffee, she got milk and an apple bran muffin. She played so well! By the time he got up, and we got packed, we were on the road headed to Surrey Cafe for Bananas Foster French Toast and Nova Lox. Alas, we got there at 7:15 (as Elyana was ready to doze off), and they didn't open til 8. Jonathan wanted to get on the road, I knew E wouldn't last, so we headed instead to Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. Really were good and a great start to the day. Elyana did perfect again, so happy.We arrived in San Antonio around 6 at our dear friend's the Ortiz's house. Had dinner, the kids played so well, and everyone got a great night's sleep.

Day 3 - Just fun! We played at the park, went swimming, played tons of games inside, and the children enjoyed one another so much (Elyana (19mos) and Eliza(4) especially got along). That night we also got to go to Alamo Cafe with our old LifeGroup leader/family where were treated and, again, had such a great time! The whole day could NOT have been more perfect. All the fellowship was so sweet!

Day 4 - Started the day with my friend R's homemade Huckleberry Scones - with fresh picked huckleberries all the way from Spokane! Left San Antonio around lunchtime, with a visit to Rudy's on the way out. Drove 5 hours to Pecos,TX. Elyana, again, just a dream-baby. Arrived, unpacked, and went swimming to cool off! We all had so much fun, and it was a great way to relax after the drive. Had some local Mexican, played in the room, and then bed.

Day 5 - Only 5 hours left to Holloman AFB, NM. Turned out to be good, because about 1-2 hours from the base, Elyana was done in the car. I'd not done a good job planning the morning, and we'd left right after breakfast. So all total, she did not get much "run-around" time. I'd usually give her 3 hours awake before heading out to drive, as well as plenty of exercise. I hadn't, so she would not sleep in the car, thus the boredom 3-4 hours into the drive. Still, she was good, the drive was good, and Jonathan and I were pages away from finishing the book we'd been reading aloud the last few days, David Livingstone: Man of Prayer and Action (riveting). We arrived, another hour gained, got set up, unpacked, and went to the store for food.

The TLF is just one bedroom/one bathroom, but it's enough room for us, since we rearranged some things.

Our days here have been so happy and full. I'll update in a few days with what they look like.

Elyana as well is just blossoming in every area. She has mastered over 100 words, with new ones daily! Her pronunciation is very good. She is very compliant and obedient (parents often remark how much of a good listener she is). She has clear ideas of what she likes to do and eat, read or sleep with. She will respond when we ask her to give a cheerful face and happy heart. So much that she does just steals our heart. She is more precious every day, and really amazes us with her intelligence. We are a very happy little family right now!

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Susannah Forshey said...

I was hoping you'd update soon! Sounds like you guys had an amazing and relaxing vacation together. Thank you, God....because it COULD be so much worse, right? ;) You never know with children....

Hope you guys continue to relax and enjoy each other in your tiny space. How much longer till the house is ready? We should be doing our own cross-country thing and headed out your way by the end of OCtober! Hmm.....maybe we'll catch you on the way!