Thursday, June 23, 2005

"How Committed am I?"

That's a quote from Bill Phillips, when he was talking about pushing past your mental limit, and diligently workong out. :) Stuart loved that quote. I don't remember the rest of it, but there was more.

What an appropriate quote. For over a week and a half, Jonathan and I have been seriously working out together. It is fun and rewarding to feel so great. I am using videos and supplementing with Body for Life exercises on target areas. Body for Life was one system I don't see how people could get tired of. The videos... yeah, it could get that way! I haven't been dibilitatiingly sore, probably from low-weights (not killing myself) and lots of stretching afterward!

I have also started buying more organic groceries. It's a bit of a price increase, but I'm still in the budget. Jonathan said we can keep wine purchases (my favorite!) off the grocery budget and just something special. Not that it was a huge deal anyway, but whenever I had leftover budgeted money I liked to use it on something special, like wine or a gourmet cheese. Our garden will help once it starts producing more vegetables.

Today I've worked a lot with Mary on a project for a client. She's done a really good job and it looks like we're almost ready to deliver. Thank goodness!

No big plans this weekend. Maybe we'll try to get together w/some friends. But next week we're having a family of 5 over to dinner, celebrating Lyric's 1st birthday, and I'm meeting Aunt Diane for breakfast!

Now, I have to workout and make dinner later! Tootles!


Jen said...

I would love to learn from you about the organic foods! And I understand about the great feeling from exercise - it's very rewarding! Have fun! :-D

Stuart said...

ah yes, the good 'ol days when bill phillips made sure that we both kept a good morning routine.

and the other quote i really liked a lot was, "in 12 weeks you're gonna look in the mirror and either say, 'i wish i had' or 'i'm glad i did'" -motivating, to say the least.

organic groceries??? somebody's getting a little snooty (or earthy)...btw, make sure to grow some really big, juicy tomatoes. and then you can let one of them get so big that it sits on the ground for weeks and gets all brown and near bursting...then you can beware!


Denise said...

Ah, I forgot that quote, Stuart. YES!

Not snooty OR earthy! Healthy! Concerned that if we have to eat (which I am convinced is a certainty), we'd better be giving our bodies the best we can. Due dilligence, I'd say. :)

Can't wait to see you soon!

And NO TOMATO BUTT!!! I would be that older sister, you know!

Long live the good memories of PHC!