Monday, June 20, 2005

The whole family in Vermont at The Tavern!


Mary (yet again) said... someone hit me over the head with a two by four! TAKE THIS ONE DOWN!

lol jk

James said...

Is that abnormal? Heh heh.

Anyway. Thanks for the pictures Denise

James said...

Sorry to spam you. But do you have the orignal, of that picture? the not the shrunken version?

And if so, can ya send it ta me? Thanks.

Denise said...

Sure James.... And your email would be?

hazardously said...

did he give u his address? if not i'll give it 2 u..just e-mail me.

yall notice i'm holding a baby bottle??? *grins*

heya denise could u like burn all the vermont pics onto a cd and when i come up there or what ever u give them 2 me?

luv u

Denise said...

I can zip them and put them on J. Hehe, not my husband J, the drive J. :) Nobody else reading this can access J but Mary! Hahaha!
I'll do that soon.
Did Crystal show Mom the cake pics? What did she think?
Love - Denise

P.S. James didn't give me his addy.

James said...

My "addy" is
Thanks Denise