Monday, June 12, 2006

Back from NC!

Got back Friday from 5 days of staying with Seth & Karen & having a great time, meeting my new niece, spending loads of time with little Katrina, and seeing my two families! I miss everyone so much. Here are some really cute pictures of our time.

Much as I hate to go, I could not WAIT to get back home to my husband! We weren't meant to be apart for long, it's so terribly hard! The reunions are so sweet! He couldn't pick me up at the airport, so after a friend dropped me off at the house, I walked inside to find a vase full of a dozen white-tipped red roses and a note to me saying how glad he was that I was home! It's great to be loved.

Katrina was very happy to see Aunt Denise!!!

Little baby Shiona, such a content little baby!

Katrina eating her Happpy birthday cake. She turned two!

I took Katrina to the store shopping & to McDonalds to play. She got really hurt after this, but she was having a great time!

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