Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fun with the Blairs

Well things are going well at the Wilson household. We spent the weekend at the boat and the beach, and are both appropriately tan and a bit burned. It was very relaxing for us both. Everyone in our life group was out of town on Sunday except Colin (the lg leader) so we invited him over for Surf & Turf (steak and fresh shrimp from the coast). We then went on to have our study on the last week's message (Hebrews) and it was truly a great time. It's neat to see how sincere people in our church are in their lives. It's also great to see how fast friendships grow when God starts them. So... I spent Friday preparing for the beach and helping Carrie by watching her kids while she got her hair trimmed. We then went to a cool place called Willie's for lunch. We ate outside and they had a big sand box for the kids to play in. Little Emerson is so content, she just sat in the highchair, babbled and ate the whole time. Cute! Carrie had to be on the phone so I played Fight the Pirates in the sandbox with Adisyn and Parker. They were fun! Then we went to pick up their car from the shop. I was sorry to say good-bye. :( We'll have to do more things like that. I recently read on the GirlTalk blog that if I wanted to learn how to be a Godly mother like Titus 2 says I should "...look for women whose children are characterized by the fruit of self-control and obedience." Colin & Carrie's kids are. Plus Carrie & I have fun together. She reminds me of my dear friend Kristin. *sniff* I'm suppose to get my $1000 gift card in the mail this week or next. I can't wait! I'm going to buy a new comforter for the bunk beds at Target (already have one), and a $200 Starbucks card, and special big presents for friends that I've been holding off doing. :) It'll be fun. I can't wait to come visit my family for the July 4th weekend!!!!

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