Friday, June 30, 2006

Headed to NC for the Weekend!

We are blessed to have tickets to go back to beautiful North Carolina for the 4th of July weekend! Our plane leaves at 3:06 (yes, that's in 2 hours) and we get in 9:16! We stay until Tuesday 6:30pm! Both Jonathan and I are extremely excited about it! He hasn't seen family (except mine) or friends since early January, so he's especially excited. He gets to meet his precious little new niece, Shiona. She's already a 6 weeks old!
My parents have planned a "Fiesta" themed party for us while we're there, with a few close friends. I get giddy thinking of how fun that'll be!
I've got us all packed and I'm just waiting for Jonathan to call and tell me he's done with his sim and he's headed home. Should be any minute now....

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