Monday, January 22, 2007

Who My Husband Is!

Well, my Sweetheart is out in the woods somewhere in Washington state. I won't be able to talk to him until late Thursday night. I can't wait! I can't believe he's only been gone 6 days! It's amazing how slow time goes. I have had a wonderful time here with my family and visiting his! I'm so grateful we're not in a house yet so I can have an excuse to be here the whole time!! They've been wonderful.

I would like to make another post about my dear Jonathan, who I've had the pleasure of knowing for 9 years this Valentine's Day, and being his Love for 6 years this June. Wow!

Jonathan is a wonderful brother and brother-in-law. He has found place of kinship with my brothers, after some rough times where they weren't sure they even liked him! His sense of humor is wonderful to me, and yet it's unique. My brother Carter once told me, "Jonathan can find the one area you're sensitive about, and yet he'll pick at it!" Of course, as they grew to know one another, they learned each other's quirks and learned how to joek and be serious, to work and play, and to be brothers. I can honestly say they couldn't be happier with his being in the family.

This was my brothers, Kiernan, Taige, and Jonathan all wrestling in Williamsburg! I think it was good natured, but the guys still seemed very serious about it. Wrestling was rather new to my brothers, but they caught on quick.

This was at my cousins's wedding in '06. My cousin Tricia was singing during the rehearsal and they boys all wanted to communicate to her how her singing made them feel. She loves to joke right back with them, and loves that they treat her like the brothers she never had!!!!

Jonathan was around when Noah was still small. :)

My husband loves the outdoors. I don't know anyone who loves it more than he does. He can spend hours outside bird watching, and he's excellent at identifying them too. He's a conservationist at heart, never wanting even a small animal to be left hurt. Just last week in the mountains, he rescued a stunned cardinal from his grandparents collie dogs. He has taken baby turkeys out of the tractors way. Yes, he's an avid hunter, because of the challenge, but a huge part of his hunting is learning an animals ways, tracking it, and the sport of it. So here's him with the biggest buck he's shot and found thus far.

He is a good friend to his Christian brothers, Air Force brothers, and blood brothers. He gladly takes adventures with them. He never minds getting dirty and working long hours to help, most times offering himself and me before anyone even thinks of asking us. He has a servants heart and never seems to think twice about serving others before self.

I love his sense of fun! For example, whenever we wash the cars together, he can't help but squirt me with the hose, whether or not I'm dressed or in a bathing suit! The first time he did that, I was so shocked at him (and it was so freezing water) that he says I got a look of pure hurt and betrayal on my face. He turned into a sad puppy dog... And yet, he loves to tease!!! Jennifer had to learn how to take his teasing and give it right back!

He loves, loves, loves children! He is usually one of the first to go get a baby and hold it. He doesn't even ask, he just does it naturally. He has a way with infants especially. Of the many times we've kept friends' kids for a date night, a few hours, or a few days, he has never ever ever said no. In fact, I know his heart so well, I do not even have to tell our friends "let me ask Jonathan", I know we want to serve our friends with children. He truly lives out Psalm 129!

He gets into mischief.... And gets others into it with him... And when the trouble comes, he always, always has a humorous word to offer! It's hard to stay upset at him! Don't even ask about this picture!

He has a very sweet spot in his heart for his precious little sister, Emily. She is the apple of the whole family's eye, but his tender affections towards her when he was a teen always gave a hint to the girls and the girls' mothers that he had a sweet and gentle heart inside that rough boyish exterior!

This is just a small piece of who Jonathan is to others..... He's so much more, but I don't even have time for that!!!! Later!

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