Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love!

So Jonathan's birthday is today and I wanted to do a picture post honoring the man I have been amazingly blessed to have chosen me to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him! This will be such a small snapshot of who he is... He is brother, friend, son, father, lover, adventurer, hard-worker, wise

In the last ten 10 weeks he has shown what an amazing father he is. So gentle.

He was such a support to me during my labor, hardly sleeping or eating, to be there for me.

He loves my family & makes a point to spend time with them, pray for them, etc

Every year for my birthday he makes me whatever cake I want! From scratch.

He adores his nieces, loves playing with them, buying them treats.

He is an amazing cook and loves to cook for me or with me. Always something delicious. Except when he put mustard seed and rosemary in sloppy joes! One bad meal in 5 years? Pretty good!

He's taken me on numerous picnics!!

He has braved survival school in the cold Washington mountains. He can make a fire in 5 feet of snow. And a bed to sleep in.

He loves his Dad!

He is so industrious. He built this shed. Entirely by himself, only getting a few hours help.

He flies us all over. And loves making me do the radio calls. :)

He loves our friends' children and plays with them all...

He goes out of his way to do special things he knows I adore... Such as when he stayed up until midnight and put on his dress clothes to go to the Gala Buffet on our cruise so I could splurge on all the food. Even though he gets sick feeling when he's up too late!

He spent hours explaining football to me, even during intense games, and took me to my first game in Charlotte. I was hooked! His patience really paid off!

He takes me hunting, again explaining fine details about whatever he's doing so I can learn and be right there with him rather than just a spectator. And when we get caught in rainstorms and I laugh in delight, he laughs right along with me!

He took his siblings all over San Antonio.

He helps my family every year with their bonfire. It's an entire day process!

He is a boat captain on our ocean adventures...

He took all over New York City fine dining, museuming, sightseeing and shopping.

He makes me breakfast on all our hiking/camping trips. Bacon, eggs, grits, etc. All out.

He's a total joker! (My cousin was singing at a wedding rehearsal!)

He introduced me to SCUBA and made sure I got certified so we could dive together!

He loves his littlest sister Emily so very much!!!! She holds a really sweet spot in his heart for her!

He worked really hard and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

He spends time with friends, even sharing his cubans. *gins*

He took me on an amazing honeymoon. Hands down the most romantic, memorable, perfect honeymoon ever!!!!!

He was the most handsome groom....

Ready for an adventure! Hiking 40+ miles of the Appalachian Trail in 3 days with me and 2 Air Force ROTC friends.

He makes gourmet dinners for my family. It's his idea many times!

He came to all of my Danville Symphony Orchestra concerts he could!! Even though he's more at home at a rock concert!

He introduced my siblings to hunting and skinning deer....


S and H said...

It's so sweet that you did a post especially for Jonathan on his birthday! I know it is not easy to be apart on such a special day. I love the picture of Elyana and the sign! She looks so happy in it! My other favorites are the picnic picture (you guys look like you adore one another and your drinking Cherry Coke, what could be better?!) and the Scotland honeymoon ones. I loved Scotland when I was there! It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I am glad you and J. have gotten to share so many great memories together, and I wish you many more!

Seraph said...

I also seem to remember him inventing a strawberry cake that he added cloves to.....but that cake will always be special to me and a very fond memory. You did marry a pretty great fellow! Loved all the pics!