Friday, August 26, 2005

Crappie Fishing

Last night was awesome. Jonathan and I have been going about once a week to Tuckertown Lake to fish for crappie, largemouth bass, and catfish. We've never gotten crappie, but we did get a big largemouth bass that Jonathan cooked into a great dish. But catfish was what we really wanted. We were jug and line fishing.
Last night we decided to leave at 6:30 and do some more night fishing. We caught up our bait (that's the fun, easy part!), then set our jugs. You get plastic jugs, put a light stick in, and tie about 10 feet of fishing line w/ a hook on it. Then you choose your bait. We used cutbait, chicken livers, catfish bait, and minnows. Only our catfish bait caught a HUGE catfish!!!! It was awesome! But it's always the last jug we get! It was so obvious, we had to chase that thing all over.
While we were waiting for the jugs, we tried for crappie. Besides my inadequacy with the boat motor, we did good. Jonathan caught 3 keeping size crappies, and I caught one non-keeper.
I'll post the pic of the catfish when I download it. Then we'll have a fry up!

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