Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lauren & Ariel's Wedding in Baltimore

So, this weekend we spent in Baltimore for my cousin's wedding. It was an 8 hour drive, but we had fun together. We arrived 3 hours before the rehearsal dinner and toured the Baltimore harbor, specifically submarine Torsk and the ship Cheseapeake. It was really hot, but interesting. I cannot imagine living on a submarine, it would be SO cramped and stinky!
The rehearsal dinner was upstairs at Oliver's Brew Pub. It was decorated so nicely and everyone had a wonderful time. Ariel's family were so friendly and very Jewish. His grandmother Eleanor especially reminded us of Yenta, the way she talked and her accent! They really loved Lauren & it was a joyful occasion.
We attended the rehearsal afterward. It was at Beth Am Synagogue and get this - all the men inside had to wear yarmulkes! We agreed not to tell Carter, Noah & Jay so they could be surprised at the wedding. :)
The following morning Jonathan & I picked up my siblings and headed to the harbor again. We got some Dunkin Donuts, walked a lot, and just hung. We got some good seafood at Phillip's, we were trying for the Rusty Scupper Sunday jazz brunch, but with all my siblings, it was too steep. Ah well. We had crab legs & steamed mussels.
The hilarious part was that because of checkouts times, all 12 of us had to get ready for the wedding in one room (Graydons, Wilsons, Jay)! We actually got there on time. The wedding was beautiful. The rabbi would sang blessings in Hebrew - any Herbrew he said in a song-like way. It was so cool. It was a Herbrew/English wedding.
The reception was at an old and very elegant hotel- The Belvedere in one of their little restaurants called Truffles. There was a dance floor in the middle, tray-passed hors d'ouvres, a table of appetizers, a full sit-down meal and (the best part) a full bar!!! We sat across from a very nice couple, Vince & Amy, and Vince was from a town between Danville & Lynchburg.
Jonathan and I danced, and it was so romantic!!! We stayed til quarter past seven, but had to go to drive home because Monday was school! We made great timing and got home about 3:15. Monday was a rough day energy-wise, but we're all caught up now and havin' fun on the new schedule! Enjoy the pics!

Jonathan & Denise on The Chesapeake (dreaming of owning our own boat!)

My family & Jay, The Chesapeake behind them, touring Baltimore Harbor.

Stuart singing Man of Constant Sorrows. Jay looking normal.

Lauren circles Ariel seven times, signifying the house they're building together.

The Chair Dance after dancing The Hora! (no handkerchiefs, sadly) Did the Rabbi Dance?????

Mary & The Boys - all wearing yarmulkes! Funny to see!

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