Monday, August 08, 2005

Visit to Bakersville

Ok this weekend was absolutely fabulous. Jonathan and I had already planned to go up to the mountains to visit his grandparents in Bakersville during the Gem Festival. But he decided it would be fun to go camping Friday night along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We looked on the map and online and decided on Crabtree Meadows, about 30 minutes from his grandparents. It looked fun!
We left Friday around 1:30 with a Starbucks Mocha Valencia and Bruegger's Smoked Salmon bagel to start us off. We were driving the Mustang because it's so fun to take on the BRP through the curves & it gets better gas mileage! The drive was lovely, very sunny out and perfect temperature. We of course stopped at any lookout that intrigued us and got some fun shots!
We arrived at the campsite at 5:30, picked a perfect one close to the restroom, still in the woods, and right at the head of the trail to the waterfall! It has rained, so all the downed wood was wet and the camp store was closed! So we were able to head up the road 8 miles to a Wal-Mart to get charcoal and lighter fluid, plus a sweatshirt (for me), baked beans, and chocolate!
Back at the site Jonathan got a great fire going in under an hour. The smoking charcoal dried the wood the I'd gathered, so by about 7 we were roasting brats, s'mores, and baked beans. I liked munching on vanilla wafers (my husband, like my dad, is a graham crackers s'more maker!). Lots! We also drank Cheery Coke & CVDP. Ahhhhhh!
Though we'd planned to walk to the falls that night, it got dark too quick w/our running around, so we just sat outside talking - it was sooo fun! Amazing after a year, 3 months, and 12 days, there's still so much to converse about and it's still such a fun experience! *smiles happily* We hit the sack near 10 and got up near 7.
Brakfast was Jonathan's idea! Egg McMuffins! He poached the eggs, toasted the engligh muffins, & cooked the bacon! We also had cheese grits, a banana, & o.j. Then we packed up the site and at 8 headed to the Crabtree Falls! We knew we'd be the first ones there!
The trail was 1.3 miles and eeasy! Jonathan was like, "Doesn't this remind you of the AT?" and I said no, b/c it wasn't up-and-down enough. But if I'd had a pack, at points it would have reminded me. At the first overlook to the falls, we tried to step out and a copperhead angrily let us know we'd intruded on his sunbathing!!! After that I kept saying "Watch for snakes" but that was silly! We made our way to the falls and it was GORGEOUS! It's unique because it doesn't have a pool so to say (the pool the falls goes into is about 15 x 4). Then it's just little falls all the way down to the French Broad River. We climbed right up to the falls & Jonathan got an awesome shot! We got really wet, but were so invigorated by the beauty and fun!
After all that we headed to his grandparents. Jonathan worked w/Grandpa Skillen while Grandma and I talked. We had lunch then headed to the gem fesitival. The gems, fossils, geodes, etc were magnificent. I liked the finished gems best - reminded me of when Susi and I were discussing our favorite colors. Gems came up and she commented that she loved every color, if true enough. Gems colors are so true, I felt the same way. All that beauty before me left me so amazed. Jonathan defintely wanted to buy me something. We both can spot something that's so me yet I was happy w/ very inexpensive jewelry. Jonathan found something Very Delicate and Beautiful that I would never buy for myself and we loved it's simple beauty. Diamond-Shaped Emeralds and Diamonds in a slim strand/line on a thin silver necklace. We decided to keep it in mind, but I couldn't imagine getting something so nice.
We enjoyed the entire time and Grandpa bought some really gorgeous and expensive things for grandma! He kept saying he was impressed I wasn't making Jonathan buy things! Actually, I did want popcorn! :)
Jonathan got me a heart-shaped tigerstone to carry with me or put somewhere to remember him!!! I love stuff like that!!! I still carry a penny in my purse imprinted w/ "Montgomery Zoo" that Jonathan squished for me when we visited w/my family while we were just courting!
After the festival we made dinner for them: Jonathan's Famous Rotisserie Chicken, sweet potatoes, organic basmati rice, and broccoli. That was fun!
Then that night, Jonathan surprised me by coming up to me and putting around my neck that Beautiful necklace we'd loved!!! What a guy!
Sunday we visited their church, had a good lunch at the Golf Course, and hung out til 2:50. Then we headed home the pretty way! It was very rainy, foggy, and we drove in clouds the entire time in the mountains. We tried to go to Mount Mitchell, and we did, but the rain was very cold and hard and you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you! So we didn't hike it! :( But we had a fun drive down together!
Getting home is always a blessing - you're grateful for your travels, but even more grateful for your home! I got all the smoke-smelling clothes washed and we watched On the Waterfront - I really like that movie! Then bed. What a great weekend.

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