Monday, August 15, 2005

Couples Cookout & Seth & Karen Visit!

Ok this weekend was the Couples Cookout and it was fabulous! Things worked out perfectly. My husband helped me get everything ready, even down to skewering fruits onto a pineapple to look pretty!!!! I couldn't have done it without his help! The best part of the weekend was Seth, Karen & Katrina's visit! They came near 5 on Sunday and stayed til 3 on Monday! We had terrific fellowship and I played and played with my most favorite niece!!!! I can't wait to have a little girl! Everyone except one couple we invited came to the cookout. Our backyard patio actually felt really squished to me! I made raspberry margaritas for the ladies and they turned out great. The cheese fondue w/ pumpernickel, rye, granny smith apples, cauliflower and celery also was yummy. The coffee punch went quickly, Caroyln brought some delicious deviled eggs, Joe's hoemmade salsa rocked, and Jonathan's chocolate chocolate chip cookies were chewy and great. So everything went beautifully. I only wish we'd started earlier so it could've been longer. :)
Monday morning about 7:30 I heard little Katrina noises outside our door and so I hurried with my morning routine so I could go play with her! Karen was able to get in a little nap while Katrina and I played like little girls. :) I made the king pieces in chess be Humpty Dumpty. :) During Katrina's nap time Karen and I went up to Starbucks for girl time! We were probably gone an hour, we just sat outside and talked and talked and shared our lives. It couldn't have been more rich and profitable to our spirits. I love my sister so much and being able to share the experience of married life with her is a blessing untold (motherhood someday too). After our time together we got back home and Seth & Jonathan had been playing with Katrina for a bit. We took over while they took a ride in the Mustang!! Their time to leave came all too quickly, but it was such a great visit! Here are some darling shots of Katrina!!!

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