Monday, May 07, 2007

Trip Pics!

Well, we got home late last night! It was 1:30 by the time we were in bed, that drive home was looooooong. Especially since we stopped at a Starbucks in Talahassee at 10:00 and it was bolted up tight! We survived by taking turns getting a few winks and then switching drivers. Next time we'll plan a bit better maybe. :) It's nice to know the beach is so close, Jonathan said we'll definitely be visiting more this summer. Yeah!

We had such a great time and really enjoyed ourselves! David & Rebecca are the best people to vacation with - it was so sad leaving them. I really praise the Lord for their realtionship with us. Their little girl was sooooo cute! We played with her a lot on the beach, in the cabin, wherever. She loved the water, waves, sand. When waves would hit her in the face (& get salt water in her mouth) she would laugh and clap for it to do it again! Is she a sport or what?!?!

I got a total of TWO pictures of Jonathan & me together. Pathetic. I'm not happy about that. I guess I was too busy, we really did spend a bunch of time on the beach and who wants to get their cam sandy? I took tons of pics of Elizabeth, though. :)

And here's a lovely picture of Glenn & Anna. They are such a perfect couple! I didn't know what to expect, but Glenn is a barrell of fun! He's such a great compliment to Anna. It was thrilling to see her healthy, vibrant, and energetic! What a blessing her healing from cancer is to her, and everyone around her. She has such a strong spirit and grounding in Christ. We will definitely be seeing them again!


Ben and Susi said...

Jonathan looks good holding a baby! ;)

meghann said...

hey girl! sounds like you had a great vacation! thanks for your post! it encouraged me when you told me your experience as well! talk with you soon!