Friday, September 14, 2007

IVF #1 - Transfer

Well, as you all knew, on Wednesday (24 hours after Retrieval), we received a call from WH stating of the 17 eggs they got, 13 were mature (this is common to have immature ones in the group). Of those 13, 7 fertilized. Our next report was this morning.

When we went in for the Transfer this morning, we were told one extra embryo fertilized late, so we had 8 now. However, none of them were perfect quality (meaning, no fragmentation in the cells). No one agrees upon a grading scale/method, but WH uses A-D, A being no fragmentation, B minor fragmentation, etc. D's rarely make it I think, because they're severely fragmented. Anyway, all of ours were B's.

They also look for them to be 7-8 cells on Day 3 (Transfer Day). We didn't have any with that many, but we had a 6-cell, 3 5-cells, 2 4-cells, and 2 3-cells. The 3-cells they do not expect to keep growing. Whatever is still growing on Sunday will be frozen. It may be all, may be none, we don't know. We were offered a chance to transfer 3 (highly unusual considering my age!), but considering that we had no perfect embryos I guess they thought it worth offering. We chose to only transfer the 6-cell and a 5-cell, simply because we did not think we could honestly pray for a triplet pregnancy/babies.

I'm a little discouraged, given my age and our "unexplained" status, that we didn't get anything better. But the Lord has been in control and it remains that way.

Thank you so much for all your love and prayers. No matter what, I get a blood test on 9/26 to determine the outcome of all this. So until then just pray for the survival of these two embryos inside me. Jonathan flys home tomorrow, I fly home Monday. I'm resting a lot until then. :)

I've only done two of the Progersterone in Oil shots. I have to do this 2 weeks if not pregnant, 7 weeks if pregnant. The first was a breeze (this IM shot is agreed upon by the IVF community as the WORST)... the 2nd, I think I hit my sciatic nerve, because I woke up at 4 in intense pain and could not sleep after an hour w/o Tylenol! So I've got to get better at that.

If you want to see actual pictures of what I'm talking about with cells and fragmentation, just click the pages below.


Carolyn Honea said...

How amazing to know you have two little embryos in you!

I'm sorry to hear the quality/quantity was not as positive as you'd like. :( But I'm hoping and praying these two little babies stay inside for 8+ more months!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the update Denise. Just remember you are not "unexplained" to our Lord. He knows exactly what is going on and has ordained this for you and Jonathan. I am praying for these babies and you! Lindsay Gibson

Herb of Grace said...

Denise, I know you are trying not to get too hopeful at this point, but girl, you have two embryos in your womb right now.. doesn't that make you pregnant?! Praise the Lord, He has brought you this far, He will never abandon you, regardless of the outcome of the next few weeks.

The Pennells said...

I'm praying for you guys!! I am in awe of your faith during this whole process. Keep trusting in God and his plan in this.


Carolyn said...

The suspense is hard for me and I'm sure its killing you!!! How are you doing?