Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quantitative Beta HCG #2 Results!

Sorry I did not update until now, we spent a romantic and wonderful weekend in Charleston, SC. We'd planned this a while ago, and the timing seemed really good considering that whether we got a positive or negative beta, we'd have lots to talk about as a couple.

Anyway, I'd post pics, but we've been home all of 10 minutes and I've only just checked my email. So, later!

However, my news is good!!! My 1st number was 56 and they look for it to double in 48 hours. My 2nd number 48 hours later was 153! Nearly triple, with a doubling time of 33.1 hours. This is good! It indicates definitely a good, healthy pregnancy. With that number, there is still a chance of twins also. I am to get an ultrasound at about 7 weeks (10/16), so we'll definitely know then.

The news again was just a grace of God. I have given this pregnancy to the Lord to take where He wants and want to keep a grateful, open hand. We are thankful for this blessing that I know we don't deserve.

More later - but for now I've got things calling my name!


Carolyn said...


Herb of Grace said...

Wonderful news.... Still keeping a "prayer watch" for you and the "beans"

Rebecca Swan said...

Can't wait to hear if it's one or two! Love that Romans Passage on your last fitting. Love you!

Claudia said...

That is so awesome! I am so happy you both had a good weekend. Lots to talk about I'm sure :-)

I am so happy for you both!

The Blackburn Crew said...

Wonderful news! I am glad that you all had a great weekend! I love Charleston... Can't wait to hear if it is twinies!! And you are in BIG trouble for not calling me on Friday!

Jeanie said...

What wonderful & exciting news! So happy for you.

Susi said...

Oh, Denise! God has given you children! Not one, but two!! I am rejoicing with you daily. (I burst into tears when I read the first HCG report!) I'm so so happy!

Anonymous said...

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