Monday, September 24, 2007

Panthers vs Falcons @ Atlanta!!!

Yesterday we had tickets to see the Panthers play the Falcons in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. We haven't been to a game since we lived in Charlotte in '05 so we were both VERY excited.

The game started at 4, so we arrived in Atlanta at 1 for a special brunch at the
Pleasant Peasant. The restaurant itself was small and the setting full of whimsey and ambiance. Exposed brick wall, poured tin ceilings, large mirrors, booth-type tables looked like they'd been made of old mahogany benches with pillows to recline on... Lovely. We enjoyed a quiet, unhurried, and delicious brunch - so much fun!!! Then we found parking and walked a mile to the Georgia Dome (1st time for us both in an indoor NFL arena).

We had seats on the 30yd line, 18th row up, right behind the Panthers bench. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I took pictures, and most of them I'm hardly zooming up. It was incredible being SO CLOSE! When Delhomme got hurt, I saw him wince and hobble off the line! We watched Kasay practice kick for the field goals/extra points. So cool!

So now we're back to our work-week, but so refreshed from our wonderful weekend together. We tried to go bow hunting for deer on Friday and got soaked 1 hr into it!!! So much fun - I just love being caught in rainstorms!!!!

Smith, Colbert, Delhomme warming up!
John Fox walking around mid-game

Kasay practicing
Delhomme hurt


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Claudia said...

Glad to hear your back home safely! It was good to see you and I'm glad we were able to catch up for a bit over lunch.

Keep us posted. Lots of love your way!