Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Drs Appt

So, this is the first appointment I'd say didn't go so well. My midwife was at a delivery, so for the 2nd week in a row I didn't get her. *sighs* But that's no big deal. The big deal was that I went from measuring 36cm at 38 weeks to 35cm at 39 weeks. I always measure 2cm behind, so that's not a worry since,at ultrasounds the baby's measurement have been spot on exactly. But losing a cm in a week? So I'm 3cm off? Not so good. The doctor's immediate response was to tell me he wanted an ultrasound later this week. They need to check the baby's growth and the amniotic fluid level. I know it's just to be cautious and as a safety thing, but it of course made me a bit upset. I never of problems like that when you get this far! Baby Girl is still very active, so that's a good sign. Anyway, it just wasn't great, although you all know I love any chance to get an ultrasound. I set it for Friday morning so J could come, but I'd be happy for her to get here in person before then!

I also had a +3 protein in my routine "sample" they take every week. Which would have been a worry if I'd had significant swelling or hightened blood pressure. But my BP was 100/60, which it is every single time (they took it twice). I have a tiny bit of swelling, but hardly noticable. I fit all my shoes and my rings are as comfy as ever, blah blah. But sill - they want me to monitor the BP later this week by taking it at CVS or something. So it's a potential bad thing, since it could indicate pre-eclampsia. *sighs again*

And honestly? I just want the baby to start coming and get here healthy and ok. I don't want things to worry about that I don't have control over. I know, this will be a struggle even when she's here, so I may as well learn to lay it down each day in prayer now and submit it fully to God in trust that He can take care of her better than I ever will - whatever that will mean.

I was still 2cm dialated, as I was last week, and went from 50% effaced last week to about 80%. Doesn't mean anything about when she'll come, except that things are going in the right direction. Always nice. So when you think of it, you can join us in praying for Baby Girl to stay healthy and come at the right time. We ask that every day.


Susannah Forshey said...

You poor dear. I just want to package up some encouragement and mail it your way....just rest your body in the Lord, Denise. He's been so faithful to you this far, and He will continue holding you in His arms through labor and delivery. Remember, measuring differently between appointments could be as simple as --someone measured you wrong! (Not to mention that when the baby drops, your belly shape changes a bit, and perhaps where they measured the first time is not where they're measureing this time.) I remember having to tune out some of the "worrying" the drs. gave me after a while (speculations about how big Violet was, and she may not "fit"), because I realized that measurements and standards and weight and speculations were very, very subjective--not to mention that 3 out of 4 of these drs. had NEVER HAD CHILDREN. (Interns.....men....etc.) GOD knows your body, and He loves your unborn baby girl. He has physically equipped you to deliver this child. Remember that your emotions are important at this stage, and keeping peaceful is high priority. Rest in Him!

Herb of Grace said...

Never worry about measurements. Never. I've DONE them, on many, many women, so I know just how inaccurate they can be. It's an estimate, at best. Ask for a second opinion, get two docs to do two different u/s, etc. One cm difference could indicate nothing more than Baby Girl tucking her chin a bit. Or it could be that extra effacement--things settling down a bit lower!

2cm is great! That could be as much as two to four hours off your ultimate labor time :) Good job, Denise!! Going from 50% to 80% is awesome too! Just think, your body is planning ahead and getting a bunch of work done in advance.

Rebecca said...

We can't wait to get news in the next week!

Lindsay said...

Denise, I will be praying for you and can't wait to "meet" you little girl.
Please know that you are spot on with the worrying. There are so many things to worry about through labor/delivery and for the rest of her life. So just keep giving it to the Lord. You gotta do that! I will be praying to that end.
And you have to give us a super cute nine month belly picture before you deliver:)

Carolyn said...

Lindsay is right, the opportunities to worry as a mother are only just beginning, so better to give it to the Lord now - as I know you are doing from your most recent post.

I remember my previous pregnancy my measurements dropped 2 cm near the end a week apart...I do believe it was just baby settling lower in my pelvis. The protein in your urine is more concerning to me, but its truly reassuring that you don't have a lot of swelling or high BP. (Just be sure to call in if you suddenly swell up or have a headache that won't go away.) Your body seems to be saying "I'm ready!!!" and is just waiting on baby to decide she is ready too. :) I'll pray for you for peace and patience in this final stretch.