Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a New Day

So, specifically Lisi, Susi, and Lindsay, thanks girls for the words of encouragement! I needed them. I knew I shouldn't worry, and that no matter what, it comes down to an issue of trust in God taking care of me and Baby Girl. Spending time in prayer and specifically confessing my weakness in this area and asking for faith has changed my perspective. Wordly methods of not worrying (looking at statistics, pushing it out of your mind, etc) are a fleeting and failing attempt. But God is gracious to answer when we ask something that's His will anyway (like not worrying!).

I also know that you guys are right about measurments being different between doctors. This dr had never measured me anyway. Plus, the baby could have dropped, since he neglected to tell me the baby's station (it was minus 1 last week). Anyway, good stuff to remember. My sister Karen went over her records with me and she went from 39cm at 39wk to 37cm at 40wk with her 2nd baby. And delivered a few days later. *grins*

I've been vascilating between getting things done, and just not feeling up to anything more than daily necessities (work, laundry, meals, etc). Maybe it's because everything is hard when you're this big. :) I did deep-clean the bathrooms yesterday with the hope that it'll be the final time before the Big Day. I have not pre-made or frozen any meals: I am unmotivated! But the freezer and pantry are well-stocked with staple items.

My work so generously gives me 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, which I am so so grateful I will get to use. Jonathan and I plan for me to continue working as long as I can, because I love my job and it's truly a huge blessing for me and our family. I doubt I'll get 40 hours a week in anymore, but 30 would be nice. My mom is coming down here as soon as the baby is born, so I get her here for an entire week!! I can't wait for that, simply because I love spending time with her.

Today is the last day of deer hunting season in GA, so Jonathan will be out in the cold trying for that last doe or buck. After that he's got some rabbit hunting lined up, which I've always enjoyed doing. But for now, done are the days of scentless washing clothes and climber stands in the back of the car...


Herb of Grace said...

If you go overdue, just think of me (remember? Sofi? extra month of pregnancy?) and resist the urge to scream for a c-section ;) If I can do it, I know you can!

Lindsay said...

Great Denise! Glad you are in a better place:) It is a lifelong battle of speaking truth to ourselves on this one. Don't get discouraged:)
Don't worry about not having meals, you are married to a superhero! He'll take care of it:)
Oh enjoy your mom! But please rest while she is there and can take the baby for you. At least an afternoon snooze.
And sounds like Jonathan has a car to deep clean:) And I need to go deep clean my bathrooms!

Karen said...

What a blessing you are feeling much better about the measurements. I was going to post a comment saying pretty much the same thing your other friends did, as I was under in cm during my final weeks with Marilyn, but I know you were hearing a lot already. Either way, you have been through far more than I can imagine, so your worries and concerns are understandable. I'm just glad you are feeling better about it all. Soon, sweet Elyana will be in your arms and those measurements won't be thought of :)

We're praying for you as the final days roll by! It will be a joyous post to read of your thoughts on holding your precious daughter after much pain! God is Good!!

Many blessings!!

Susannah Forshey said...

I am so glad you've gotten your second wind. So much of these last few days are just about attitude, and keeping a "long term" kind of peace. It was so great to have the distraction of a visit from my sister 6 days before Violet was born, and pretend like I was just uncomfortable for no reason and "get over it and enjoy the company." It served to keep my body relaxed all through labor, mindset was not one of jumping into a panic at every tiny little fluctuation in my body, but rather, I wasn't really convinced I was in labor until my water broke. Violet was born 4 hours later! The peace from the "enforced normalcy" served to trick my mind into forgetting the pregnancy and letting my body do its work alone, without interference from an over-excited brain.

:) Mind games. It's all mind games, now. Your body will just do what God designed it to do if you can tell your mind to leave it alone!