Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life With a Newborn & More Pictures

Well, Elyana Ruth is now 11 days old! Hard to believe how much our life has changed in less than two weeks!

I love being her momma so so much! She is a precious little bundle of joy! She has been an amazingly easy baby! She has had some needy times, of course, with lots of holding and hourly nursing, but mostly she is the most sweet and content baby with the happiest disposition! Jonathan and I adore her! He is the most amazing daddy - he can put her to his chest and calm her into a peaceful reverie, and he is always ready to scoop her up and play with her. I always knew he would make an amazing father, but it's so beautiful seeing it in action.

True to form, even on his 10 days of paternity leave, he could not be idle! Since my mother was in town for 7 of those days, and taking care of meals and household chores, Jonathan took the opportunity to work on installing flooring in our new sunroom, so it's now useable! It is gorgeous! He's back at work today, and I miss him terribly. True to the love/hate relationship with the military, we learned he's being sent to Nevada for 2 weeks in February. *sighs* I don't even want to think about that yet!

Our little girl hates being unclothed! We finally gave her the first bath, and she really screamed up a storm! Fortunately, I gave her some skin-to-skin time and nursed her into a calm peacefulness after it was all over. I'm certain it was forgotten about 5 minutes after that, thank goodness!

I prepared myself for breastfeeding to be really hard, since most of what I heard was how difficult it can be, how you have to be really committed to it the first few weeks until momma/baby learn how to get it right, and about all the problems that can occur. I am so blessed to say Elyana has been a terrific nurser! We haven't had one single problem. God has been above gracious with that, because I really read up and expected a battle. I have enjoyed it so much, and love nurturing my little one. It amazes me that I can sustain her and help her grow, that God has enabled my body to do that. It's also a precious thing to be able to calm her right away with comfort, closeness to me, and nourishment. I love breastfeeding my little girl!!!

So without further adieu, I'll leave with some pictures. Lots more to say, but she's rousing from a nap and I still like to sing/talk/play with her too much while I nurse her. I know I'll multi-task eventually, but these first few weeks are too precious to use that way!!!

Elyana's first bath! Thank God for Jonathan's help!

My angel sleeping...

My wonderful mom and dad with their 3rd granddaughter!

Elyana will "kiss" her daddy's nose. It's adorable!

Jonathan's already getting her education started!


Herb of Grace said...

Hah! I think she and Jonathan have the same expression on their faces in that last picture! I have this thing for daddy/daughter reading pics... I feel a new post coming on!

S and H said...


I love love love the picture of Jonathan and Elyana reading together! Way to go! She'll be reading Austen by the time she's 4! But! Where are the nursery pictures? I want to see the finished product!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness..she is so beautiful! I love the pics of you guys together. I cannot wait to meet her (hopefully soon!) I'm glad breastfeeding is going so well for you.

kiwicpk said...

So pleased its all going well! You all look so happy, and so you should be.
I started reading your blog when you lost your first baby at the same time we did.
I loved nursing my son right up till he was 18 months old and HE decided it was time to stop! Broke my heart...hehehe!
enjoy, she is a lovely wee girl.

Carolyn H said...

I'm so glad things are going so well for you and that you are enjoying motherhood. Its such blessing, isn't it?!

JJandFive said...

so sweet : )

Susannah Forshey said...

Such a precious little tiny being. Who knew so much emotion could get wrapped up in a 7 pound little body? I know every inch of her is just exquisite! Give her lots of kisses from the Forsheys!
P.S. Violet comes to me every morning computer session and begs, "Looka da Ellee--ahna? Tinee Elly-Ana?" :) We love looking at her pictures! You should post MORE!